I am just Viola

Hey World,

I am inspired to start blogging again because I realised it is still a thing in me. I used to love blogging in my teens. Now coming to the thirty series, I realised I haven’t change a bit. Apart from being a professional emcee, I am still a life blogger.

Check out “http://cardcaptorrawkz.blogspot.com” for my posts in my teens 😊

Being a mother of one, I never knew how much love my heart could contain until Belle came to me❤️ I know that my life has change ever since I gotten pregnant. I meant to keep this blog as our little space to jot down every single moments with my girl.

First family portrait

Welcome to the World little Belle. 24th June 2019 is one of my most memorable day because you officially came to us. I look forward to more days with you..

#vpowermommy #zerotohero #motherhood #motherhoodthroughblogging #lifeblogger #babygirl #parenthood #emceesofmalaysia

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