Baby Belle’s 3rd month

Happy 3rd month my precious Baby Belle! Now we can see that you are a half and half. Sometimes you laugh and smiles a lot and when we thought you were a happy baby, you started frowning and gets cranky. Well, Mommy knows that nobody is perfect so I’ll embrace every sides of you. You start to talk more to us with your coos and ahhh (baby language). You have a sweet smile and cute laughters but your voice is too loud. You still don’t allow us to leave you for even a second. I wonder if you really understand what I am babbling about. I love having conversations with you. Baby Belle loves the mall and likes to look around like a curious baby. She can sleep soundly for a few hours in the mall. What a weird baby!

At this stage, I can sort of assume that Baby Belle has sensitive skin like me. She get rashes easily and hence I have to upgrade from Baby Organix Soothing Cream to Purest Organics from Mothercare. I have to change all her already expensive skin care to even more expensive one – VERYMOM KOREA. Trust me, they cost a bomb but worth it. I shall share more on that in time to come.

Being a Mommy now, Mothercare is my favourite place to shop. I have been reading reviews and posts from other Mommies. Now I fully understand why are they willing to spend so much on kids’ items. Baby Tula Asia carrier is one of my biggest investment and I am glad I bought it. Now I can carry Baby Belle everywhere and she seems to love it (provided she don’t throw tantrums).
She can side flip a few days after she was born. At 3 months, she wants to flip over fully but haven’t figure out how to bring out her chubby hands. She can now focus and is sensitive toward sounds. Thank God she loves musics. I can now sing to her and play her all sorts of musics (Disney musics, Studio Ghibli and so on). Now she smiles a lot and squeals when she is happy.

Not forgetting that Baby Belle is a vain baby. She loves the camera and is happy whenever I place it in front of her. Sometimes I am just replying messages and not even taking pictures of her but she is already smiling at me.

On a side note, I came across an article on “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” also known as SIDS and it is bothering me a lot. I followed a blogger on Instagram and gotten to know that her 2 months old baby died suddenly in her sleep. It is a sad tale. LILPARASITE will always be remembered and loved. SIDS can happen to any babies from 0 to 4 months. Baby diagnosed with SIDS will usually die while sleeping. You’ll just stop breathing and your brain just shuts down. Terrifying to me.

Now I am getting paranoid because Baby Belle sleeps next to me too. And every night I’ll feed her on one breast as she sleeps. As I mentioned before, Belle’s sleeping patterns sucks. There is not a single night when I wouldn’t be awaken by her whining and her tiny hands scratching me. She really couldn’t sleep soundly at night.

Belle is more attached to me now. The moment when I am not with her, she’ll starts screaming. My mother-in-law and Momsy said it is tough if I don’t stop breastfeeding. I seriously don’t think this is the main reason to her insecurities. We just need to really understand a baby from the inside out.

Belle’s 3 months’ milestones Is coming to an end. I can only say that my life as a mommy is getting more and more interesting. I can’t wait to update on her 4 months’ milestones. Stay tuned for more


Viola Ng

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