In the midst of drafting out milestones of Baby Belle’s 4th month, I would like to update a little bit of my life as a Mommy too. There is no such thing as alone time when you are with a baby or the Hubs. The Hubs is easy. All he needed to do is to work and earn money. I guess he prefers it that way. I am not a full time Mommy but I am trying my best to a good Mommy. Although I have people saying to me that I shouldn’t be doing this or that because over sacrificing doesn’t means I love my baby. I am only casting stress upon him or her. *rolling my eyes*

For one thing, I don’t think I am sacrificing myself. I will never do that because I believe a person has to love himself or herself first before you are able to truly love someone. In my case, I will stuff myself with supplements and treat myself to desserts and food that I am craving for. I will still buy expensive facial products to keep myself pretty (I hope so) and never resist buying things that I love to pamper myself.

People expresses their love in different ways. That’s why we need to understand a person’s love languages. There are 5 love languages. Do you know them? They are Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Services, Quality Time and Physical Touch.

Baby Belle is still small so I am practicing all five on her. Hopefully I will be able to discover her love languages when she is a bit older. For now, I prefer to involve Baby Belle in everything. Be it outing, be it buying things for her, or be it planning for a trip, I just want it to be the three of us. Perhaps I know the fact that I couldn’t be with her full day which explains why I am crazily attached to her. Ahh… just wait till she comes to her senses and thinks that Mommy is uncool for her.

Sometimes people just don’t understand that a Mommy is not a super woman and that no one is perfect. I might be talking about the Hubs or anyone who think they are expert in motherhood. When I ran out of patience or ranting, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love my daughter or wanted to escape motherhood. I simply just want to rant and that’s it.

No mothers deserve to be condemned on the way they brought up their child. Be it breastfeeding or bottle feeding, every Mommies deserve a High 5 and a pat on their shoulder for doing a great job. Come On, we spent 40 weeks being pregnant and going out of shape. Then we need to go through a full 10cm dilation to bring our babies into this World. Who else can tell us what to do?
When I said I do love myself, I meant it. I am a Disney person and can’t resist anything about it. I just bought a new watch for myself. I had a hard time deciding between Snow White, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. I want to own them all. Hands down I will choose “Beauty and the Beast” over anything else if they have it. Well, just by wearing and looking at it makes me feel so Disney. Hence, I am looking forward to do something Disney.

Well well, I just thought that since I missed out so many Disney Movies and Musicals, I definitely deserves to watch Maleficient all by myself. The last movie I watched was Dumbo and I missed The Lion King. So yes, that’s what I did. I am not feeling lonely at all. I enjoyed gobbling up the whole popcorn and a packet of Chipster. I shed some tears watching the movie. I smiled like an idiot. I wowed like a fan girl because I thought Angelina Jolie looks sexy with her red lips.

I won’t be able to bring Baby Belle to the cinema any sooner so Mommy definitely have to grab whatever opportunities to enjoy alone time. The Hubs don’t really enjoy movies. Again, that doesn’t mean I am tired of motherhood. I just need to recharge.

See you!

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