Baby Belle’s 4th month

Gosh, it has been a while since my last update. There are too many things to do and I weren’t prepared for that many unplanned incidents. I feel like my life has been fully taken up by Baby Belle. Hey, I am not complaining. Just stating a fact. Being a Mommy, all I ever wanted was to rush home first thing first after work. She is changing everyday so every stage is important to me. My baby has finally turns 4 months old and trust me, the progress of getting her to this stage is horrendous. No hurry, we will get there eventually. Let’s recall back one by one.

Celebrating her 4th months ceremony. For Chinese traditions, 4th month is the best time to so-called “keeping her saliva”. Babies drool a lot. So this is the time when elderly people would prepare steam chicken drumstick for the baby to taste. The trademark is to tie a ring of biscuits around the baby’s neck and make sure the baby taste every pieces of cookies. It was said that once babies tasted something apart from milk, they wouldn’t drool over food. Nobody care much about this tradition until the recent years. It started getting popular once more so parents like me would spent hundreds of dollars to purchase customised biscuits for Baby Belle. Obviously, the theme will be “Beauty and the Beast” in conjunction to her name. Baby Belle is bound to be a food lover. Just imagine her looking longingly at our food with her mouth twisting and saliva drooling all over. Hang on my child. Just a few more months to go before I start feeding you with solids alright?

These cookies are expensive and yet it is customised according to my request. I dare not even tell the Hubs how much I spent on these cookies by “大艺术家 The Cookies Factory”. 24 pieces of cookies cost me around RM220. It is delicious and I find it so hard to eat it because every design is unique. If you are looking for door gifts, party cookies, cookies for 4th month ceremony and flower bouquets, go check out their Facebook page. The owner is very talented and nice.
Baby Belle hasn’t been in the best of health at this stage. She started off with having a smelly ear, then started scratching them and almost wanna tear her ears off. The Hubs and I are quite worried so we decided to take her to the children’s doctor. The Hubs is against all kinds of medicine so we choose the latter option – ear drops. Ear drops didn’t work on Belle so she ended up having ear infections where we had to take her to ENT. It pained me a lot to watch her screaming and crying in pain. The infection won’t go off until she took antibiotics but we had to take Baby Belle back for check up on and off. Her health deteriorates in the midst of taking antibiotics. What’s worst, my mother in law and the Hubs are down with colds and they pass it on to Baby Belle. Poor baby had to suffer another blow by coughing her lungs out plus a dripping nose.

I was like, if you know you are already sick, then for goodness sake just wear a mask or stay away from my baby. Babies cannot talk or express themselves. It isn’t fun having to take care of a sick and cranky baby who does nothing but cries all day long. She don’t even want her bottle but wants to latch on me all day long. This has been a horrible month of sickness and heavy medical expenses.
Baby Belle can fully turn over now. She is feeling proud and wanna show off by doing this a couple of times. Yet, she doesn’t know how to roll back and ended up throwing tantrums. Her motoring skills also gets better where she can now grips on small items. She likes to hold on to the Hubs and myself like a Koala bear. She also likes to pounce on us with her small little hands. Way to go Baby Girl! Mommy can’t wait to explore the World with you.

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