Baby Belle’s 5th month

Hello World,

I know this post is long overdue but life of a Mommy seems to pass faster than you think. Belle is turning 6 months old on Christmas Eve so I guess I better update about her 5th month’s journey before I forget everything. I am typing this out whilst waiting for my flight back to Johor. Bahru at 4.50pm later. I guess I wouldn’t even finish typing it because I have so many things to share. My mother just called me and I talked to her over the phone for 15 minutes. She was updating me about Baby Belle’s daily dose as she helps me to take care of Belle for the week. I can’t believe time flies as a Mommy. Belle is growing up really fast and I wish I could keep her this size forever. Hmm, perhaps not.

I always cannot resist her cheeky smiling face. I am not sure how many mommies out there are like me. I often browse or scroll through Belle’s pictures, smiling like a lunatic thanking God that I was blessed with such an adorable baby. It is like a dream come true. I used to think that I would prefer a son because I really detest dramas and all whiny whiny thingies. Therefore, all my life, I don’t really have many girl friends. Every girls hated me for being too blunt and direct, so only boy friends for me. I only realised how much I needed a girl and how much I longed for a girl buddy in my life after I was pregnant with Belle. Thank God she is out now. I only need to wait patiently for her to grow up.
Teether Joy has always been a favourite in my family because of their beautiful designs. I always like personalised items. I got Belle a rainbow unicorn teether whilst I was pregnant with her. It was too big for her to bite and hold. So I ended up getting us a mother-daughter teether necklace. Don’t we look nice? And now I see that they have a Frozen series. My goodness. Do check out Teether Joy because they really do sell beautiful teethers. It could be a good gift for babies too. Now I am afraid of what would happen when Belle starts teething. She might even bite me during feeding time.
Belle is not a fan of baby car seat yet. Perhaps I didn’t train her well enough. For some reasons, I feel that she could understand me. Whenever she screams or cries in the car, I just need to make sure I sing louder than her and turn on the musics loud enough. She would then slowly stop crying. But it’s rather rare cause I seldom bring her anywhere by my own. Look at her strong fingers. She could grip on things already. Sometimes she pinch me really hard. It is fun watching her progress and grow although I hadn’t been a good mother.
Belle is very attached to me at this stage. This is every mommies’ reward. She needs to see her Mommy only she can stay calm. Once I am out of her sight, she’ll starts wailing.
Look at that. I am not lying when I said only Mommy can tame her. Of course her pattern varies all the time. Sometimes when I am out all day, I came back to her cranky, not even wanting to talk to me. She likes to latch and sleeps with me. At this stage, I am having hair fall. Her grips made it worst. She likes to pull my hair.

There are many dramas but Belle still bless us with lots of smiles every day. Oh wait, not everyday. Sometimes when she is in a foul mood, she doesn’t smile for days. And Mommy V would be super depress thinking my own baby doesn’t want me anymore. Being a Mommy, I gets defeated at most times. I was being bullied by my own baby. The way she latch and unlatch during feeding, the way she slap me, pinch me, pull my hair. But, I consider all these my blessings.

The next month would be even more interesting. We love you so much, Baby Belle❤️


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