Baby Belle’s 6th month

Hello readers,

I guess this will be the standard greeting to start of every of my post as I have been procrastinating. The last I wrote was actually before Christmas Eve 2019 and now I am just a few days away from Chinese New Year 2020. Special greetings from me to every one who is reading this blog post right now. As much as I have so much to write, I guess I shall keep this short and simple because there are so many things to recall about Belle’s progress. Oh ya, I have created a Facebook Page for “Vpowermommy”. Like finally!! Belle is just two days away from turning 7th month so I better start cranking my head to recall her 6th month’s journey. That’s what you get for procrastinating. Sucks to be me ha.

Belle’s 6th month fell on Christmas Eve. It is also the month of celebration so we are jolly happy to be celebrating for the whole month. I have organised so many functions just so we can start celebrating at the beginning of December 2019. As a mommy, I am very particular about celebrations because this is Belle’s first Christmas and I want to do it the right way.

89kilos never fails me. I always saw their cakes advertisement on social media and finally they are having an official walk in shop which is located near Ponderosa, Taman Molek. That’s extremely near to where we are staying. As I know one of the partners’ is a Caucasian so they will definitely do Christmas the right way. So when I saw that they are having this family Christmas brunch session for about RM120 per family, and I know I got to do it. I’ll just let my picture to tell the story. Look how adorable Belle is. She haven’t turn 6th month yet so she can’t take or taste any solids.
We had Santa Claus coming to visit as well. Belle got a gift from Santa. I wish she would be able to write her own letters to Santa one day so we skipped that part. For cookies decoration, we ask the Hubs to decorate. Their cookies are excellent though. I finished the whole thing. Good job 89kilos. Thank you for bringing an authentic Christmas to Johor Bahru and making my dreams come true. I always dreamt of Christmas since young.
You might have heard of Sanrio Hello Kitty and Thomas Town will be shut down officially from 31st December 2019. We are blessed with a pair of entrance tickets to it. I been there once and didn’t really like it. However, Belle might never have a chance to step in again so we decided to bring her there to snap some pictures. We won’t say the place is not good but it is more suitable for children ranging from 4 to 8. Babies wise, is not too suitable. The shows are so Malaysian that the Hubs and I are shaking our heads all the time.
Next up is our trip to Jewel Changi Singapore. Uncle knows how much I love Frozen so he made sure he kept this on the list and when we visited. The whole gang had to accommodate to this because of me. Hahahahaha what a blessed Mommy I am. Seriously, to someone who knew nothing about Frozen, this may seems like an overrated thing. But for Disney fans out there, you are so gonna love this place. The sculpture and designs. I am in awe. I can never find an exhibition like this in Malaysia. They tried to make things as similar as possible based on the movie.

What’s best,Jewel Changi is making an offer. If you spend a minimal of SGD 120, then you are entitled to purchase a limited edition Frozen 2 items of the list for SGD 8.90. They offered plushies like Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven. Apart from that, I saw pillows and blankets and Tupperware. It is really a good deal and we shan’t waste Uncle’s receipt. We are able to purchase 4 items and of course I got my Elsa and Anna plushies. The other two,we let the kids have them. I am a happy fan girl that day. The night was even better. During gifts exchange, Belle and I got a lot of Frozen items. Well, I am a Disney Mommy so Belle has to be a Disney Baby too. Disney Daddy is still in the making…
You can see from the picture that Belle’s motoring skills is not bad. She could grab on things now and can really smack and pinch you real hard. Especially during feeding time, she would grab on the breast and pinch it while latching on it. She likes to jump when we hold her up. She is trying really hard to move about by getting her butt up. She still doesn’t like to sit on the stroller so Mommy has to carry this heavy baby around all the time.

Christmas crackers is one of the must-have during Christmas. And I am so glad I get to find them at Jewel Changi. Although the items are not worth what we are paying for but it is good to experience them once.
Don’t be deceived by her look! She was in there for less than 5 minutes before starting to wail and haul loudly. To be frank, if you want to make going out easier, I would suggest you to get a baby carrier. However, baby will get heavier each time. So you got to train your kids to sit in the stroller and car seat from young. It is much safer too. But I would suggest you to get a much lighter stroller like the brands of Mimosa, Beblum and a few more. This stroller was given as a gift to us so we deeply appreciate it but it is really too heavy for me to carry. Hence I can only use it when the Hubs is around. You know, like those Tai Tais’ where I don’t have to do anything and the Hubs will take care of everything.

Finally, Christmas Eve is here and Belle turns 6th month! She definitely enjoyed herself in this festive occasion. What a journey! I can’t wait to start solids with her but I am a working Mommy so I hope I can do the best that I can. It has been a joy watching her trying to learn to speak and initiate us whilst we ate. She can babababbaabbaa, mue mue mue very well.

To my Baby Belle, I hope that when you are older and able to read all these posts one day, you will know how much Daddy and Mommy loves you. Despite all the mess and tantrums, you have turn out to be the most adorable person. You are the only one who is allowed to annoy the crap out of me and I’ll still love you. Not even your Daddy gets that privilege. Time to move on to your 7th month journey. This time I’ll make sure I start drafting earlier.

Love you guys,


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