New Year Resolutions 2020

Hello dearies,

This is an overdue post. My initial plan was to reflect about 2019 and jot down my resolutions for 2020 at the beginning of the year. However, due to procrastinating and delaying, I am blank and have no idea how to draft this post. You guys must have heard me saying this a thousand times. “Life of a Mommy passes swiftly like wind”. I used to keep a blog where I would just dump all my feelings in there. I regretted for not remembering the password so ended up I couldn’t blog there anymore. Still, it is never too late to keep writing as I really want to read back all these posts when I am old. I wanted to attach some pictures to reflect about my 2019 too but my phone cable is not being supportive. I couldn’t transfer all my pictures to my laptop. To type this post out using my phone would be another quick and effortless post. One of my biggest aim this year is to keep this blogging passion going. I don’t want to be famous but rather I want to bring my thoughts to a more transparent level where I can share with people around me. And hopefully, wives-to-be or mommies-to-be can learn from my mistakes and experiences so that you won’t go through the same thing as me.

Let’s take a look at my year 2019. I spent the first half of the year being pregnant with Belle and taking things really slow and relaxing. What I meant is, I had a slack year and couldn’t do much because I had terrible morning sicknesses and always feeling lethargic. I found out I was pregnant at the end of year 2018 and things just change. I can’t remember much as I don’t want to linger back to the past. Life goes on and I should be looking forward to what I should be achieving this year.

Here are some of my highlights for year 2019 🙂 I had a great year!

Giving birth to Belle

I didn’t even know that my water break had burst the night before. I wrote this piece on “Vpowermommy” Facebook page so I’ll just share it here.

The Wait is OVER😊 We welcome Baby Belle to this World on 24th June 2019.
PS : This post is kinda long so I hope you will bear with me🤣 You may skip this lengthy post if you are not interested.
I didn’t even know I was going to deliver since Belle’s EDD were supposed to be 12th July 2019. I didn’t feel any contractions except that sometimes my tummy feels tight if I overate. The Hubs and I are still in the midst of deciding if we should deliver at the Government Hospital or Private Hospital. The bills at the private’s are beyond your imagination (will share more on that probably in my blog someday).
It was a Sunday (23rd June 2019) and I knew I was enjoying my “Medical Leave” given by my doctor at the specialist. He was away for 2 weeks and he wants me to stay at home until he comes back. In order to keep me grounded, he actually wanted me to be hospitalised until he landed in Malaysia. I said “No” a million times. I am supposed to see him on 24th June 2019 right after he landed. So I had a good High Tea session well spent with Momsy and my immediate superior’s family. They were still joking that I might deliver the next day. Here you go, The Hubs was having exhibition at Angsana so Momsy and I went to fetch him that night. Everything went well.
That night, I thought I couldn’t control my urine. I just feel like running to the washroom. Told The Hubs about it and he said it seems like urine. He did ask if I would like to go to the emergency and I declined since we are having check up the next morning. The number of times I went in and out of the toilet was uncountable. So I ended up putting on sanitary pad. I was awaken by the overflowing of my sanitary pad around 3am that I had to get up and get changed. We finally waited until morning and I told The Hubs that something just don’t feel right. I dare not tell Dr. Singh that my water bag might be broken as he was prepping me about the possibility of me having to go through caesarean in the process where I couldn’t deliver normal. He might even ask me to place deposit and give birth there on the spot. The Hubs doesn’t feel peaceful about the uncontrollable water leaking (even though it is not like the whole lot of them flowing out) so he ended up taking me back to Klinik Kesihatan Plentong. Once we told the nurse at the receptionist, she gave a shout and hurried to inform the doctor. I was given a sound scolding before I was sent in🤣 It turns out that I am indeed leaking and my entrance has opened up to 3.5cm. The doctor wrote me a letter and ask me to head straight to HSI emergency. The Hubs and I headed home for lunch and pack up before the long battle starts.
I am having mixed feelings at the moment . I knew we would be meeting Baby Belle soon. This little precious one who has been growing inside me for 37 weeks. Yet, I didn’t know what I would have to go through in order to meet her. The Hubs are not allowed to enter the ward with me until the time is right. I have to surrender my phones and get changed. In the ward, I could see a little bit of the labour room and was told that it was fully occupied. Once the nurses are aware that my water bag broke the night before, they immediately send me in. Oh my word, this is really happening.
Inside the labour room, I was trying my best to stay calm and relaxed. The trainee and nurses poke needle into my hand so many times because they couldn’t find the right spot. It was so painful and I had to suffer twice for it. The anxiety was rising within me and I just want The Hubs to be there. He came in finally and I burst into tears. I told him I didn’t want to give birth and was super pissed when they keep coming in to take measurements and clear my wastes. The real torture begins when they apply accelerant on me. The struggle is real this time. The Hubs was trying his ultimate best to keep me comfortable but I ended up scolding him and also the nurses. The entrance only accelerated at 1cm per hour. I had to suffer for 6 hours. At one point, I almost passed out when I could faintly see a bunch of nurses rushing in and The Hubs ran to me excitedly telling me to “PUSH”. At three pushes, I finally heard a cry.
Ahh, Baby Belle is here. The nurse put her on my chest and I couldn’t help smiling at this beautiful creation. It was the strangest feeling in world. I am a Momma Bear already❤️
1) I passed out when they are mending my wounds.
2) You have to be independent at a government hospital
3) Learn how to take care of a baby from scratch
4) Your wounds hurt like mad
5) You hate it when they ask to inspect your wounds the next morning and even worst, they say you cannot discharge
6) You are a Momma already so you will smile like an idiot looking at your creation
7) I might do this all over again
Mommies, you are fantastic. Whether you are going through caesarean or a normal delivery, it is an amazing process. Only mommies get to experience it. Don’t let words bring you down. We have our child to live for❤️
Believe in the journey ❤️

Graduating from a “Professional MC Course”

This is one of the biggest decision I have made for year 2019. The course would be starting in March 2019 and ended around end of June 2019. As most people predicted that I would deliver earlier, the Hubs told me not to sign up as I might not be able to graduate. Thank God everything works out well in the end. I score great grades and even clinched TWO MAIN AWARDS which makes me a professional host now.

Achieving the President’s Distinguished Club Award

I was elected to be the president of EcoWorld Johor Toastmaster’s Club for fiscal year of 2018/2019. Taking over a club meaning everything has to start from scratch, especially when we do not have a strong fundamental. I am a person with big dreams. Not really a perfectionist but I believe in doing my best and giving it all to the roles and tasks I am being tasked with. We started off aiming just the borderline. However, thanks to my team that we manage to overcome the impossible by achieving the best of the very best. This has proven that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. I have learn so much during my undertaking, winning awards through speech contests, getting into situations which requires a lot of understanding and most importantly, meeting new people and making new friends. I wouldn’t have experience all these if I didn’t pick up this role. I am not a perfect leader but I am blessed with a team who is willing to cooperate. You don’t need a team of 20 to help to you get things going. So long as there are two or three willing hearts who really want to make things happen, you can perform magic with it. Thank you for giving me a life long memory where Belle can witness the award presentation while she was still inside my belly.

HOME is where my heart is

Being a mommy of one and having my own family now, I finally realized HOME is where my heart will always be. All I want right now is to give all my time to my family and Belle. They deserve it. I used to be an outgoing person who wouldn’t say NO to every single activities. I am a workaholic towards things that caught my interests. Momsy used to complain that I treated her house like hotel and that she didn’t think I am spending enough time with her. Now that I am old (in my thinking), I know that HOME is the only place that could warm my heart. It is where I wish to hide when I am down. Let’s spend more time with our family alright?

Basically, that sums up my year 2019. Of course, there are some other minor achievements like I could finally spend more time in reading because I am taking things slow so I have more time to read. But that was before Belle’s arrival. After she arrives, I basically need to grab every opportunities to rest and sleep because having a baby is no joke. You need to be alert even in your sleep. My days are faster with a baby. I definitely won’t be the type of mommy who would just reach out to my husband for money. I wish to have my own career and earning my own income as well, although I wish for more flexibility at this stage since Belle is still small. I wouldn’t want to miss any stages of hers.

Here is a list of my resolutions for year 2020 🙂

  1. Improving myself and bringing myself to another level. This means attending more course and learning new skills. Last year, I have achieve my goal to be a professional host and this year, I would like to bring my singing into another level. I want to be a certified singer who can teach.
  2. Focusing more on my blog. I have created a Facebook page for “Vpowermommy” at the beginning of this year. So, I would like to keep it active and put more effort in writing products’ reviews in order to help more mommies and friends around me.
  3. Maintaining the reading habits by reading at least ONE book a month. Would love to read more as my book list is increasing.
  4. Family is FIRST. My husband, my daughter and my family will always be my priority. You can offer me a job which worth a few thousands but if it clashes with my family events, I’ll still say no. Thank you very much. Let’s be clear and upfront.
  5. Be more discipline. Don’t procrastinate over tasks like blogging, Toastmaster’s Pathway Project and list of things which I am suppose to do.
  6. Keep the genuine and chuck away all insincere people who don’t matter. This year, I’ll still treasure those who matter and don’t give a shit on those who are not sincere to me.
  7. Living in the moment. YOLO. Plan for trips and vacations, meeting new people and make friends with people who has the same interests.
  8. Do good. This year, I want to focus more on CSR and doing kindness to society.
  9. Open up to greater challenges. Don’t doubt myself at the first glance. Believe that I can achieve it.
  10. Be the BEST version of me in every roles.

2019 has been a great year for me. Looking forward to year 2020. Let’s review at the beginning of next year to see if I have achieve all these resolutions. I am feeling grateful because I have family and friends who always stood by me and giving me the help that I need. I don’t want to take any of them for granted.

So, dearies, have you list down your resolutions? I am a month’s late so I guess you should have kick start with yours already! We are all in this together so let’s keep this going! Have a great day people!

Much loves,

Viola Ng

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