Belle’s 7th month

Hello dearies,

This time round I am starting earlier because I realized my memory ain’t as good as before. I can’t remember so much and yet I want to write things as authentic as possible. One of my resolutions for 2020 is to focus on my blog and bring my thoughts to a transparent level. Hence, I am drafting this post earlier so that I can share more stuffs with you guys. Time flies. My baby is no longer that tiny piece of chunk we brought back from the hospital 7 months ago. I remember my pastor preaches in one of his messages that babies are not cute when they were just born. They looked like boiled tomatoes. Maybe I am biased but I do think that my daughter is one of the most adorable baby. Ha Ha…I miss that tiny little thing. I look at Belle everyday telling her how much I missed her. I said ” I love you” to her countless times a day. I don’t want my baby to grow up so fast. Let’s take a look at her 7th month’s progress.

Unglam sleeping posture

Scrolling back at my photo gallery, I noticed I do captured a lot of Belle’s sleeping moments. It is a pleasure watching her sleeping like an angel. I like how not-so-ladylike she can be when she is sleeping. She is not a pleasant sleeper either. There isn’t a single night when she will sleep without waking up in the night. I mean she don’t really wake up wide but rather she is hunting for my breasts. Then it makes her cranky and she’ll start to fight sleep. Her sleeping postures sucks. She would roll and kick and turn. No wonder I am having backache, because she attempts to kick me off the side. I have to get used to “disturbed” sleep. I guess this is one thing that every Mommies have to embrace. We won’t have quality sleep.

I always want to bring her out even though The Hubs don’t really like that idea. He feels that a baby should have a standard sleeping time frame and we shouldn’t be messing with it. Yes, I agreed to that but once in a blue moon, I’ll still take her out for gatherings. She is usually well behaved (like what normal babies would do) unless she is hungry or sleepy. Otherwise, she loves going out.
Holding mommy’s hand and refuse to let go. Awww so sweet!!

The one and only thing I regretted is not putting her on car seat during her first car ride (out of hospital). Now, we are having a hard time getting her to sit on her car seat. Recalling back to this fateful day when I had to bring her along to a discussion. She was wailing and crying her lungs out during the whole car ride. I had no choice because I have to drive. I had to say it was tormenting. To say I am not heartache, that’s a lie. I wanted to just stop by the roadside to cuddle her but I have to be firm. She couldn’t be comforted and she cried till she vomits. I was so scared that I said things that I shouldn’t be saying. Tears was flowing down my cheeks because I felt like a bad mother. Then she became sleepy but was still crying in her sleep. It lasted till night time. She was so sore and tired by the time we got home. I whispered a thousand times “Sorry” to her.

Life of a Mommy is not easy. We want the best for our babies and yet sometimes babies won’t cooperate with you. We definitely need to have stronger hearts. At least, that’s what I have been telling myself. I am not a perfect Mommy. I still have a lot of things to learn. No one is ever perfect or expert in this field because babies usually come without a manual. We have to figure out everything by ourselves and this includes learning on the spot. Yes, we will have our own Mothers and in-laws who fuss over every little things. May I remind you that times has change? What is applicable to you before doesn’t imply to the current situation. So, stop telling me that we shouldn’t do this or that. I have thousand of things to say to your face if I really want to argue about it. Look, I appreciate every kindness and help I am given. But when it comes to educating my baby (from eating to playing and hygiene purposes), please let me do it my way. Or rather, OUR ways. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Belle is over 6 months so she can start on solids

Well, she is finally 6 months old and I can’t wait to start her on solids. Her appetite at this stage is still consider very little. Due to her previous re-flux issues, we try not to give her more than 3Oz of milk each round. My mother-in-law would only give her 2Oz or 2 and a half Oz max per meal. Thus, she eats frequently but in a smaller portion. I had trouble adjusting her meal portions back to normal. However, there is one thing I would love to highlight. Imagination is often defeated by reality. I often read blog posts from other Mommies and envied that they can be a “Stay At Home Mom” , cooking for their little ones and start them on “Baby Led Weaning”. Well, basically they are fully in charge of their own babies. I wanted to do the same because I know it would do Belle good in the long run. However, there are differences between a full time working mom and a stay at home mom. In a straightforward way, I need my in-laws or my mom’s help to take care of Belle whilst I am working so I have to compromise some of the things. I can’t expect them to try “Baby Led Weaning” on Belle because my mother-in-law is more closed minded whilst my mom has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Hence, “Baby Bites” is the first thing I offered Belle when she turns 6 months old. I am still learning and looking up for simple recipes to cook for Belle. I want to offer more food to Belle so that she will not turn out to be a picky eater. Will share more on that after I have tried out baby grains. Massive thanks to my blogger friends who shared nice and informative stuffs about food and their experiences. Of course, everything is subjected to individuals.

Baby Belle is her new walker. A present from her grandmother.

Belle is an insecure baby. She cannot stand being alone. While, sometimes she is independent and wants to do things her way. She just need someone to be right next to her or any where within her visuals. Momsy decided to gift her a new walker. I was worried that her little legs might not be able to the weight of her body. I was worried that it might affect her growth. I was also worried that she would be hurt. However, she seems to like it although she did cry and make a scene in the beginning. All my worries vanish in the air.

Baby dates with the Penguin’s family

I got to know Arisa through Instagram when someone tagged me out of a sudden to join her giveaway for Urushitei Ryokan. I always appreciate bloggers who shared life experiences sincerely and authentically. Hence, I followed Arisa and enjoyed everything that she shared including her favorite brands for earrings, her love for Frozen. Oh yes, Frozen 2 connected us. So thankful that she helped me to bring back so many items from Disney Store Japan. Looking forward to the day when Belle could walk and play with Lil Penguin. Can’t wait to visit them in Kyoto.

Belle in my favorite “Fairy tales” handmade little dress from “My Little Sanctuary”. It is a brand from Singapore. Really loved it!

Belle is very sensitive to cameras (Phone cameras) now. She would smile her sweetest or stop whatever she is doing whenever I fish out my phone. Such a vain child. Sometimes I am not even taking photos of her and she is posing there already. At this stage, her emotion is more obvious. We could classify if she is angry or happy. She would smile and start pouncing both her hands when she hear us sing. Then she would start yelling her lungs out and wail loudly when she is upset. It is amazing to witness each progress. Now I feel like I am having a little girl instead of a baby.

Belle and Mommy

There is one stage of time when Belle is overly attached to me. She is still attached to me now just that it is different from how she used to react. Last time the minute I am out of her sight, she would start wailing and crying until I came back. She refuses her milk and would go against everything. She would cry as if the world is about to come to an end. Yet, she would stop the second I carry her. Now, it is different. She would only cry when she saw me. That’s when I realized I had given birth to a real life actress. We called that “Patterns more than Badminton”. She knows who to bully and who she can bully. My in-laws and Momsy told me that she is perfectly alright when I am not around. Everyone is telling me that I shouldn’t let her sleep next to me and that I should have some couple time and let her be independent. Seriously I am enjoying this stage and is perfectly fine with it. I am soaking in to this moment before she thinks Mommy is “Uncool” for her.

Basically, this sums up her 7th month’s progress. And it actually took me two hours to draft this out. I can’t believe I actually felt like crying while typing this. My baby is growing up. She would be turning 8 month’s old soon!!! Okay, enough of Mommy’s blabbering. I shall try to update more often. Thanks for reading this. See you in the next post.

Much loves,

Viola Ng

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