Our Valentine’s Day 2020

Hello dearies,

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all! I hope you guys had a great celebration just like we do. I believe I have said this a thousand times that I don’t think much of Valentine’s Day because it is just another business strategy for business owners to mark up the price and earn more than they are supposed to. There are so many myths about Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t really matter if it is true or not because people nowadays will still celebrate this day.

According to Google research, Valentine’s Day is a day of “Romance”. It started somewhere at the end of the 5th century where this has something to do with the initial rise of Christianity and “un-Christian”. Pope Gelasius declared 14th February as St. Valentine’s Day. In order to remember this day, people started associating this day with love. Not too long after, it began to evolve and more people are starting to believe that Valentine’s Day is actually a special day to celebrate love.

There are of course, many other versions of Valentine’s Day. In Japan for instance, if you like someone, you can gift them chocolate on 14th February as a sign of confession. If you receive chocolate in return on 14th March (White Valentine’s Day), then it is an obvious sign that your confession has been accepted and the couple thing begins. Correct me if I am wrong. I read that in most Japan Comics. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day back then because I don’t have a partner. But it serves as a fond memory to me because every year, Daddy will buy flowers for Momsy and I to make us feel special. This is a good memory for me to remember about Daddy. So, to me, rather than feeling upset and sorry that I don’t have someone special to celebrate this day with, I feel connected to this day because Momsy and I will always talk about how Daddy will buy us bouquets while he was alive. We still do talk about it often.

As I grew up, I have more opportunities to receive bouquets from friends, from partners and family. Even Momsy too. At first we treasure each of them. We hung them up and make dried flower petals with it. But as we receive more and more (During birthdays, special occasions and etc.), we had a hard time deciding what to do with them. I am not saying that we are ungrateful but we really don’t wish to treat people’s kind thoughts as trash. So we kept them all but it gradually collect dusts. I kid you not. Take a look for yourself.

#throwback Blessings from kind souls
#throwback Thank you for the love. Friends and family have been giving me flowers as they know I loved roses for no particular reason.

Receiving flowers and bouquets during special occasions could be warm and a blessing. This shows that someone actually remember me. But to deal with them could be a hassle as dried flowers collect dust and it is bad for people with sensitive nose like I do. Hence, I sneeze a lot. Coming back to my real topic, sorry I went too far. I was trying to explain in details. Ha Ha, let’s get back on track.

YES! I got what I wanted. He delicately chose the earrings and necklace for me.
It matches my outfit and the Disney Theme at the back. I am so in love.

This year, I had a simple celebration with my Little Family. Momsy told me to leave Belle at home and just have our own couple time. No, this is Belle’s first Valentine’s celebration. I am determined to create the best memory for her. The Hubs is not a person with great sense of ceremony. He always ask me not to spend so much money as he is a thrifty person and doesn’t celebrate occasions. Not even his own birthdays. To be fair, he spend wisely. Unlike me, who is a Disney freak and has great attraction to beautiful stuffs. When I saw that Aurelia Atelier and Lovelimzyco is collaborating for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I knew I would go crazy. Yes. I never took my eyes off that “Dreamy Blue Te Amo Wooden Jewellery Floral Box”. It cost RM248. I know it is not cheap so I am a little doubtful about it. I told myself I could always get it next round but I knew The Hubs would secretly get it for me. I feel touched. I really do.

Dressed up according to the theme

I chose M2Escape this round because it is family friendly and not too costly. The operation hours is from 6pm so we were one of the earliest family to arrive and hogging the whole restaurant to ourselves. Most importantly, it is the closest to Disney’s theme. I can take nice pictures of Belle and enjoy Disney musics. We didn’t even have to worry if Belle makes too much noise as it is understandable. Due to this outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, we might not be able to proceed with our upcoming Disney trip in May 2020. Hence, we try to do the best with what we have. The food are quite decent. Not the best but edible. Portion and pricing is reasonable. Plus, the utensils are so adorable that I had to let my phone camera to eat first. Here are what we ordered for that day. Our total cost is around RM78. The Hubs and I are bloated after eating. We ordered a bit too much for two pax. We settled our dinner by 8pm and that’s when more people are slowly coming in. So we thankfully flee because we try not to stay in a contaminated place with so many humans. Scary season.

Tempura Japanese Curry Rice
Salted Egg Pasta with fried fish and Nutella Chocolate Drink
Matcha Tiramisu with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Waffles with bananas

Overall, we are satisfied with the service and surrounding. We didn’t expect the food to taste like some 5 stars michelin restaurants so it is good enough for us. There is just one thing that I am personally unhappy about. You know, we always have to carry a lot of bags and belongings when you have a baby. Plus, it is Valentine’s Day so we had to bring gifts along too. As we were leaving, we stood at their corridor to take some pictures. So you can imagined there are people walking up and down. We must have been too engrossed into taking a perfect family picture that we left that precious Te Amo Floral Box behind. We left hurriedly because we don’t want to cause human traffics. I only realized the box in nowhere to be found. I was anxious and upset because I knew The Hubs really put in a lot of effort in getting me this beautiful floral box. I do appreciate it. But we have to admit that both of us are careless and in fault. We tried to call up M2Escape. A chinese guy picked up and immediately said he don’t see any lost and found items. I mean I see no Chinese guy (except The Hubs) during the entire dinner. So how could he know if there’s any lost and found. The guy said he would check it out after work and will call back if he finds anything. The time is already 11pm. We left the cafe at 8pm. The box would have been gone or picked up by some random people. I was exasperate and was about to curse someone. The Hubs looks chilled and upset at the same time. I told him I die die want to go to the cafe. If the worker is going to take his own sweet time, I need to show up to tell him I am not wasting any time waiting. I posted a ranting message on IG Stories and received a call from them immediately saying the box is there and we could collect it at our convenience. So I deleted that story. I don’t want to be the type of social media user who just rant everything socially and giving no mercy to people. But my main point is, look here young lad, when I called up and say this is urgent, you could at least get to this immediately and feedback me. Second scenario I could imagined is, you most probably found the box earlier but have no idea who does it belongs to. Fine! You have social media web page. The least you could do is to post it there so that we know that our belonging is safe. Use your social media wisely. I get the fact that this is just a Valentine’s Floral box. However, I could blame no one but myself. I need to be more cautious next time. At least we both are happy now.

So much hassles in getting you back. But thank God we found it

I like to save the best for the last. I had a simple and yet meaningful celebration. It would be perfect if Momsy could join us too but I guess she just wants us to have our own family time. So she made stupid excuses like she is going to attend seminars and all *rolled eyes* Nothing fancy this year. Just quality time with my little family. I know that The Hubs feels bad about not being able to give me a luxury life but I am contented with this. He saw that friends around us received delicate gifts like perfumes, Iphone 11, jewelleries and etc. I mean I am a freak towards delicate stuffs but I don’t really don’t need him to stress over this. I am not contented with my life and career just yet but I appreciate the fact that he has given his best to me. And this is enough. The fact that he loves me and this family. It is MORE than enough. I love my little family and I believe Belle can feel that we really try our best to give her our best. We will definitely face challenges in life but so long that our love can bind us through it all, everything else doesn’t matter. I don’t say this much but I appreciate my Hubs as he really puts in efforts to keep our family going.

Here is to “One for All, All for One”
Me looking ugly but Belle looking adorable
Mommy will get you one of this one day. I promised!
My Little Family

After a long passage, I just want to remember this day when I am old. I want to remind The Hubs 20 years later of the love and efforts he gave while trying to plan for a perfect celebration. Every occasion matters now that we have our own baby daughter. Belle may not remember what we have done this whole year but she will.

To our Darling Belle,

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! You may not remember this as you are still a little baby but you are going to love it when you know how to read and Mommy don’t have to write letters to you already. Daddy and Mommy could have a simple celebration but ever since you joined our clan, things changed and we knew we want to create a lifetime of memories with you. I hope you enjoyed eating sauce-less mash potatoes and bananas. Snick a little bit of our ice cream here and there. I hope you enjoyed hearing Mommy singing Disney’s songs and describing to you the names of each characters. You wanted to be independent by grabbing things you desired, screamed when we sat you down, throwing tantrums when we raised our voice a little. I just want you to know that this is just a part of your growing up journey and we love you for that. Mommy is not expecting you to act or understand things like a grown up. Just take your own sweet time to grow up and do whatever you desires.

“Dive down deep into her sound but not too far or you’ll be drowned” – All is Found

We love you baby girl

Much loves,

Daddy and Mommy

That’s all for my updates! See you in the next post! Have a great celebration!!

Yours truly,

Viola Ng

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