Little Women

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I feel like churning a blog post before February 2020 ends. This year is special because we have 29th February. It only happens once in every 4 years so I am planning to dedicate this post to this classics that I have introduced earlier at Vpowermommy’s Facebook Page 🙂 I know it is nothing much but it is not like I can predict what would happen in the coming 4 years. Life is short. Wait, it is not my intention to start this post with this heavy feeling. So let’s not get too depress and negative. Okay fine, let’s get back on track. I remember my love for reading when I was still a young girl. Probably at the age of 7 and above? When I could finally recognize words and the wonder of it. I am a big fan of Enid Blyton (Second to Disney) so all my childhood life, I only dwell in her books and maybe very minimal of some other authors. My tuition teacher, Mrs. Yong borrows me a classics written by Louisa May Alcott , “Little Women”. This story was written based on the author’s real life and I really indulge myself with every characters. Only one read and I could remember the story by heart. Sadly, I got to return the book back to my teacher. However, I loved it so much that I actually requested a copy of it on my 13th birthday (Way back to 2003). I am thrilled to know that they have made a movie out of this classics and I immediately hog the whole cinema to myself.

There you go. Here is my copy of “Little Women”. An old book with simple English which is easily understood.

For people who haven’t got the slightest clue of what is this story about, let me briefly tell you about it. This is a warmhearted story of four March sisters with the names of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy growing up in the 19th century in America. The story begins on a Christmas morning. Mr. March is away for the Civil War. Living with their Marmee and Hannah (house helper), the four sisters each have a character of their own. They are very different and yet they are close and united. Meg, the oldest child, is pretty and good in acting whilst Jo, the second child is a tomboy and has a talent in writing. Beth is gentle and has a gift for musics whereas Amy, the youngest one, is into drawing. As time goes by, the March sisters met new friends, grew up and became women, learn more about life and love. This classics could certainly break any hearts but you will feel the joy and love from this story. Watching this movie in the theater, I couldn’t help but laugh and cried at certain scenes although I prep myself for it. I wish Belle were old enough to watch this with me. I shall certainly make her read it when she is older.

Although it is just a story but I am going to link some of the scenes with my thoughts and feelings. So don’t come yelling at me if you don’t feel the same way. I am just describing how I feel. Nothing right or wrong. That’s why we are free to express.

1) Siblings love

Story starting from one Christmas morning featuring the March sisters

I am the only child for my whole life. Daddy has two families (He had two wives) and I have been told since young that I have two mothers, four elder brothers and one elder sister. I was thrilled at the whole idea but was wondering why they don’t live with me. The bond cannot be formed if we don’t even spend time together. In my case, I would like to say that I am just being informed of my family’s situation but we don’t actually need to have anything to do with each others’. I always know that I am a blessed kid and have a much better life compared to many of my friends out there. I always get what I want and don’t have to share things with anyone. However, if I were given a choice, I would give up this life of mine in exchange for siblings. I do envy my friends for having siblings to play and fight with. I spent most of my childhood playing alone, making up stories and freely expressing my imaginations. Reading about the March sisters is fun because it is a life I can never have. I won’t have the chance to quarrel or sticking up for one another because I am alone. I think I wrote about this in my previous blog before that I actually requested Mommy and Daddy to adopt a sister for me. They actually did consider about it but eventually dropped the idea because it just didn’t seems right. I cried badly on the spot. I made a vow to myself that if God is willing, I won’t settle down for just one child. I am so thankful for Belle and wish I could give her a cosy and lovely family.

2) Fell in love

Jo March meeting Laurie for the first time

There is a line in the story mentioned by Laurie, “I loved you since the first day we met”. He was telling this to Jo who obviously doesn’t feel the same way. In life, we started off as innocent kids who hadn’t a clue on what is a boy-girl relationship. At least for me, it is like this. I only know I enjoyed playing with this particular person but never want to change or do anything for him. You only starts noticing a change in your feelings as you grew older. The moment when you feel you need to change your appearance, perhaps tie up your hair just to grab his attention, this is called “crush”. Once, this person is on your mind all the time and you just can’t shake him off, that’s when we arrive at the “falling in love” stage. When you just want to present your true self and yet, learn to accept this person’s flaws or mould it to strike a balance, this is “Soulmates”. I always believe that in life, you won’t always get the dream guy that you desires and there is no such nonsense as the right person or perfect candidate. It takes time and understanding to maintain or to build a relationship. It is matter of give and take. I am thankful that The Hubs is an understanding man.

3) Siblings’ fight

Amy burnt Jo’s precious notebook and Jo didn’t want to forgive her.

It is absolutely normal for siblings to fight. They said the most bitter things and tend to hurt each other’s the most. For me, I didn’t have the privilege to experience this but I do have a lot of friendly fights with my friends. I am considered the oldest kid by age among our neighbourhood’s kids. So when we fought, it is usually just for a short while then we will be friends again. I think children’s fight are more authentic and easily forgiven. We just speak our mind and things are easily solved. It is funny how adults often forget they were once young children too. In the World of adults, things are more complicated as silence usually replace the opportunities when you can speak your mind. Sometimes I wonder, why do we make things so difficult? Adults are indeed a weird creation.

4) Giving to the poor

Marmee asked if the girls would give their breakfast to the Hummels as a Christmas present?

It takes great effort and a big heart for a person who is into social responsibilities’. I used to serve as a Social worker. It not only takes up a lot time but you got to give a lot too. This is a very subjective topic but I was still a student at that time. I am away from home a lot so it is an issue to my parents. They said I should be helping the family first before I have the rights to help others. If I can’t even be financially independent, then I shouldn’t be receiving recognitions and keep creating a noble image to outsiders. I always wanted to be a social worker, helping out under World Vision and going for a mission trip. I was rebellious and hard headed when I was young. But as I grew up, I realised my parents were right. If I didn’t even help out when my family is in need, then what kind of reasons I have to be so kind outside? Anyway, I still vote for doing good. Be kind enough to spill a little happiness into the lives of the unfortunates. If you asked me would I give up my breakfast to the poor? Honestly, I really don’t know. I might…

5) No greater happiness than this

Wishing the girls all the best

From the heart of a mother, I only want the best for my daughter. I can never understand this concept when I was still single. I don’t get why Momsy is unhappy whenever I have my own life. I feel as if she wants to control me and I was stress about it. There are even times when I feel she was being selfish because she couldn’t bear to see me enjoying my life. But now, as a mother myself, I don’t want my daughter to grow up too soon. I want to keep her with me. Beth died in the story. She was the best among them all. All the sisters are sad but I believe Marmee is the saddest. She was her daughter after all. Every mothers want to see the best of their kids. Me too, wishing my Belle greater happiness than this.

I am a little loss now as I arrived at this stage. Watching the movie ALONE in the cinema, I had all the privacy to cry and think to myself. I am overwhelmed by all the thoughts brought to me by a simple classics. This is the power of words! You will never know what it can do to you. I would encourage all ladies to read the book or watch the movie. The movie is beautifully illustrated out for you. Go and feel it!

See you in the next post!


Viola Ng

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