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This is a different content compared to my usual ones but I am very much excited to share this with all of you. I was given the opportunity to write and to conduct an interview with a famous young Italian artist, Chiara Magni where she shares about her story and FINGER PAINTINGS. Yes, my jaw drops too when I heard about that term. All my life, I have only experienced brush paintings and hands craft. I can never imagine such amazing paintings are painted fully by fingers. The life of art is certainly beyond imagination.

Pablo Picasso quoted “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

Every one is a painter. You paint your own story and you decide how you want your story to be like. I always appreciate arts and hence, this artist caught my attention. Based by the amazing Garda Lake, Chiara devotes a passion in arts since she has memory. Her whole life revolves around arts.

Once Upon A Time A painting with special meaning

Have you ever wonder how does it feels like to be caught in the “Love at the first sight” moment? I fell in love with “Once Upon A Time” at my first glance because it gives me a sense of childhood. Lonely, deserted yet beautiful. The combination of colors by Chiara is breathtaking. She made this painting feeling like a mixture of autumn and winter. “All grown up were once children, but only few of them remember it” – The Little Prince.

Chiara is blessed to be able to transform her passion into a thriving business at such a young age. Not everyone is willing to take this risks. The level of competition among painters are high. Only one out of a million people could combine passion and work together. She is indeed a very hardworking person. Thus, I am flattered when she allows a small fry writer like to conduct an interview session with her.

I wish the World of today can appreciate arts more. Hence, here are some insights of Chiara Magni that the World might not see. Let’s get to my interview session with her. She is really a nice and humble person to talk to. She carries herself high and would not settle for things which is beyond what she is worth of. I truly respect a woman like that.

1) Can you tell me more about your background? What are your childhood like and when was the first time you ever start having interaction with arts?

Well I always says that my passion for art is borne with me. I know this might sound a cheesy or rather an obvious answer but this is exactly the truth. I cannot imagine or remember a moment in my life where I weren’t thinking about painting or ARTS.

2) What is your fondest memory?

Being a kid for me is like finding magic and beauty in everything. I am always amazed by how incredible and unique nature can be and being inspired by that. All these are true and despite all that has happened in my life, I can say that I am still keeping firm with this point of view.

3) Who are your biggest influences? 

I can’t think of a person but I do have a type of personality that inspires me and that I feel is more similar to me and my own ways of seeing things. What I really admire are people who can or at least try to think on their own, people and artists that do not compromise with their integrity to achieve something. I consider myself a free thinker and this is why I do admire free thinkers like me! 

Future memories – 2018

4) What does your work says about you? What prompts you to become a full time painter? 

Well I let my observers to say what my works says about me 🙂 In my case it is something that I just could not stop, and just could not do anything about it and I had to pursue my passion and my obsession. Many years ago, I try to hold this urge down and to pretend that it isn’t there and etc… but I just couldn’t do it. The call is stronger than me… so here I am, a full time painter as I am always meant to be!

5) Your arts is like a fresh breath of air. Can you tell me which is your favorite piece of artwork? And what is the story behind it. 

Awwww thanks! I do have two very favorite ones:  “The Awakening of Venus” and “Breathe” . I regards of the first one, you can find it under the “Nudes” section in my website. In this painting, I wanted to demonstrate the idea of a lady, a goddess, melting down or maybe re-creating herself. I’ve real passion for the female body and features, so I always try to dedicate my art in that direction. I also see that painting as a tool to give strength and hope to women.

We Are Infinite – 2018

6) How did you developed your career and how do you seek for opportunities? 

With a lot of hard work. There are a lot of sweat,blood and tears that comes together in building a career; unfortunately this is how it works and things don’t happen over a night. So what is important is to never give up and be consistent. This is something that requires a lot of patience and the willingness to work hard.

7) How do you cope with stress? Tell us a bit about the darker side of an artist. 

Hahahah I wish I could answer this with a meme of some very stressed animals or something. LOL It is way more stressful in the beginning and even if I try my best to stay positive, I would still find myself swimming into the pool of sadness and sorrow. It has been like that for the first years of my career. At one point of time, I realized that I needed to give myself time. That was one of the most important things I’ve realized in my career. After that everything began to be smoother and smoother. I start to generate more happiness and satisfaction in this game!  So, the definition of painting to me is a mixture of both “illness” and the “cure”. It is the “illness” and also the “cure” to life.

Oltre – 2019

.8) What message would you like to leave for the next generation of artist? 

There is something that I’ve promised myself: That I will always be there to help all of the fellow artist! I know what it takes and I know every mental issues involved in this process. I also know how many scammers are always trying to fool around with artists!  So I want to tell them that they needed to be aware and always prepared for the worst. But at the same time I want to give them hope and if possible I would like to be an example and a guidance for them. I am willing to do anything to help a fellow artist!

A HUGE thanks to Chiara Magni for taking her precious time off to answer my questions. I hope by the end of this post, you will be able to understand the life of an artist more. When we see the success of a person, it usually take a lot sweats and bloods to get to where they are. So, do me a favor. Don’t criticize or underestimate the price of an artist’s work. What doesn’t get into your eyes doesn’t mean it is the same for people who knows how to appreciate them. They are the ones who painted colors into the lives of many others. They are also the ones who made the World slightly more beautiful. Check out her profiles, websites and Instagram 🙂 The links are stated at the end of this post. Thank you artists! Here is one toast to you!

CHIARA MAGNI, A Professional Painter

Check out if you wish you admire all Chiara’s paintings.

To catch up with Chiara’s regular updates on her latest works and exhibitions, check out and

Thank you for reading!

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