Belle’s 8th month

Hello dearies,

It is almost 1am now in my country and I only have less than three days to go before Belle turns 9 months old. I thought I have learned my lessons well but it just proven that I am a procrastinator as always. Ha ha no excuses to cover me this time. I just got to kick start with this post before I forget most of the process. I bet I wouldn’t have time to even write my content as I am feeling really sleepy now. There you go, I am continuing my content today and it is already 1.20pm. Our country, Malaysia is going through “Restricted Movement Order” for 14 days due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Today is already the 4th day and I still hear people complaining and posting about they don’t know what to do. For your information, my days flew by like wind. I haven’t even got the opportunity to check off my to-do list and it is already the 4th day. Hang in there people! You and I can do this together!

My baby is turning 9 months old and I am feeling emotional over this. I am already missing our cuddling sessions and how she smiles at me every morning. I am beginning to miss her baby tantrums and how she would scream when we don’t allow her to bite certain things. Well, she bites literally EVERYTHING. Most importantly, I would miss breast feeding and direct latching. This is one main reason which makes me feel like a real Mommy. I always cuddle and latches her to sleep at night. Apart from the one month of confinement period, there is never a single night I would sleep without Belle by my side. I would miss all these. Alright, enough of all these. Let’s focus on Belle’s 8th month. She has grown up a lot at this stage.

Belle’s first Chinese New Year 2020

In the midst of her 8th month’s progress, Belle gets to experience her first Chinese New Year 2020. Taking my sense of ceremony seriously, I have already prepared outfits for our little family. I try to search for matching outfits and accessories that would make people tell that we are of the same family. What rubbishes I am babbling about. It is plain obvious that we are one family. This year, everything has been simplified. We don’t travel as much as last year. We only brought my father-in-law and eldest sister back to Malacca and Muar. Belle doesn’t want to sit on the car seat if I am not driving. I thought I would just let her cry but her crying doesn’t last for long before my father-in-law asked us to remove the car seat. Oh, she vomited too. Sometimes it is not easy to stay sane when she vomits cause I really hate that and she is scaring the shit out of me.

Our Pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at Broovies

Alright, since I wrote a long post about our Valentine’s Day celebration for year 2020 so I shan’t drag too long about this topic. I really love this little fairy tale handmade dress by “My Little Sanctuary”. Hence, I managed to find a matching outfit from Lzzie Malaysia with Disney’s Princesses printed all over. At this stage, Belle should be able to accept all kinds of solids already but we didn’t really start her with “Baby Led Weaning” so we are afraid that she might not be able to chew well. Sometimes she would choke on food. There’s one really bad habit about her. Belle doesn’t like to drink water. I mean sometimes we got to force feed her but she just doesn’t like to drink. Wasting our efforts to change her water daily. Ha Ha.

Our first package from Little Baby Grain.

Since we are talking about food and Belle’s feeding, let’s talk about what we usually feed her with. We actually feed her with snacks (Baby bites). Mommy is really bad in cooking. No excuses for this again because most mommies are full time working mommies too but they are still able to cook for their little ones. I am usually quite chilled with Belle’s meals as I would feed her with whatever we are eating too, apart from some NO-NO food. Again, I saw my blogger friend sharing about this brand, Little Baby Grains and I thought I would get the starter package. I was thrilled when I first received it. The packaging is beautifully embellished. I literally made my purchase today and I received it by the next day. They have two types of grains, one is for the fresh start, and the other one is after you finished the first pack of grains. Apart from that, they also come with menus for fresh starters and stickers for you to record your baby’s expression and to find out what they are allergic to.

She turned away from my broccoli’s porridge

Belle has strong taste like me. I made her broccoli’s porridge for the first time and she immediately turn up her nose and showed her dissatisfied face. Almost every day for the first week, I had this sad face sticker on every columns because she doesn’t like natural and tasteless food. But if we were to add a little flavoring to it, then she’ll open her mouth wide and keep tapping you with her chubby little hands to indicate she wants more food. So hard to please her, this kid. We only fed her with a few things only. Food like porridge, baby noodles, baby bites, cereals, fresh fruits and milk. She enjoyed eating our meals but not hers.

My habit to record if she poops daily

After being a mommy, I realized my happiness is as simple as watching my baby pooping daily. Belle has a serious case of constipation. Sometime she doesn’t poop for 3 days in a row and that’s not normal because she is taking in other food already. It is alright if she consumes breast milk fully but not Okay if she is taking in other solids. So I started a habit by recording what she consumes daily and if she poops that day or not. Pardon my for my ugly drawing and writing. It is meant only for me to understand and for me to keep a record.

Belle got her fringe trimmed

I didn’t cut off Belle’s baby hair because Momsy told me she didn’t cut off mine too. Many people around me, including The Hubs advised me to just cut it off so that she would regrow her hair again. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I let her keep hers. However, it is starting to irritate her eyes as her fringe is too long. We brought her to trim her fringe and she looks different instantly. She looks like a little rascal especially when she throws tantrums. We missed her standing hair but most of the times she will wake up with her hair all stood up so that’s fine. Apart from her eating habits, things has been smooth during her 8th month’s journey so after this, I’ll be sharing lots of pictures of us. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Her fringe will somehow just stood up every time she wakes up. We find it amusing.
Can’t go out due to Covid-19. Just carry Koupen Chan’s bag and we shall bring you out after this storm
She is always a good girl when Mommy is driving

To be frank, I love bringing Belle out on my own although she has a lot of things and it is not easy to handle a baby on my own. However, seeing her well behaved whilst I am driving and singing is a bliss. She could play by herself and sometimes peeking at me just to see if I am noticing her. Belle is usually fine if I drives her out myself. She is not too fine if The Hubs is driving cause she wants me to carry her. This rascal is getting smarter. She expresses herself clearly now. IF she is in a bad mood, there is no way you could make her smile. She just wouldn’t. Of all things, why do you take after my temper?

Here we are looking good with Baby Tula Asia

On a happier note, I don’t regret investing in this Baby Tula Asia carrier because Belle is still willing to stay inside. I am in love with this “French Marigold” design so I bought it. It is also because I have read many good reviews from other mommies which helps me to quicken my decision making. This carrier has been our best friend. It is not only beautiful but it is comfortable too. I would advise all mommies out there to choose your baby carrier wisely because we don’t want to end up having back pain. Motoring wise, Belle is actually quite strong as she could grips on things. Nothing can escape her. Once, I saw her going in to the kitchen with her walker and thought nothing would happen as everything is either too heavy or out of her reach. To our immense surprise, we heard a loud thud sound of boxes falling to the ground. When did she learn how to open the cupboard to remove things? Sneaky little pie.

One of our mother-daughter moment
This picture was taken when she turns 8 months old. I love her chubby face.
Looking alike?

This is most probably the best way to end this post. Didn’t know it would took me two hours just to draft this simple thing. Now I really do understand how does a full time mommy feels with a clingy baby next to you every minutes. I just had my own taste of it. Having to feed her and now latching her whilst she is trying to fight her nap as I am typing this. Do I feel irritated? YES of course. I am a human too. Again, I wouldn’t change this for everything else in the World. This is good enough for me. Let’s enjoy the next 10 days together.

That’s all for today. Stay tune for her 9th month’s progress. Love you guys.

Thanks for reading.


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