Movement Control Order Round 1

Hey Dearies,

First thing first, you really have to click here to read about my story. Thank you Blogger Magazine for giving me an opportunity to be featured and to share about my blogging journey. I hope this inspires you to start blogging.

Never in my life have I imagined our country, Malaysia would go through this stage when we were all asked to stay at home and do nothing. Well, I am exaggerating a little. Of course for big companies like ours, we have to “Work From Home”. I have always wanted this kind of flexibility but definitely not expecting this kind of virus outbreak. This virus has been lingering since the starting of year 2020. Having a young baby of my own, I am extremely disturbed by this. Of course, from a selfish point of view, I am exasperate because we have spent money on flight tickets to Shang Hai this coming May 2020 and I am sad that we couldn’t visit Disney Land this year. It has always been my dream to visit Disney Land before I turn 30. Why la?

Our first Move Control Order commenced from 18th March 2020 all the way to 31st March 2020. Then our Prime Minister extended it till 14th April 2020. TO BE FRANK, I am secretly delight at this idea because I get to stay home with Belle and my family. Not feeling evil but I am just a homely person. Since I have completed most of my task and blogging has been on my top “To-do” list that I should focus on. Why not I make full use of my time right? Some of you may not be interested in this but I am writing this for myself, something for me to read during my old age. So I have achieved a few things during MCO Round 1 so let’s get down to business (Hands up if you are singing “Be A Man” with me?” ) Speaking of this, Mulan is supposed to air today in Malaysia but due to this, we cannot watch it. Sigh.

Bro-sy and I have completed this whole mural painting by ourselves. Tell me if you can spot our signatures at the bottom of our volcano.

I am always a fan of “The Little Prince”. I love the arts, the story line and the concept about it. It brings out the kid in you. I always love this quote “All grown up were once children…But only few of them remember it”. Why should we deny the kid in us? The World would be a better place our heart is pure. Back to it, we have limited resources as we didn’t buy a lot of paint. Our initial plan is not like this but ended up, we painted a whole sunset wall. Artists always work according to mood. Now I understand.

Supporting a Malaysian’s writer

I saw a blogger friend recommending about this book at her page. Writing a book has always been one of my dreams and it is nice to see a fellow Malaysian self funding herself by sharing her story to the World. What does it cost her? Time and effort. She has traveled to Europe for 520 days and an additional 100 days just to share her insights with us. When I added her on Facebook, I am amazed at her skills in writing. Yoon Chin is a great storyteller and I find myself indulging in her writings. It just took me a few hours to complete this book. She is nice enough to write me words of encouragement. I wish the World would start to have more compassion and let’s support each others. Yoon Chin is also a great cook. This explains why all her acquaintance are in love with her. Which brings me to my next topic – BAKING 🙂

Newly baked vanilla cupcakes with chocolate toppings

I always envied Mommies who can cook for their little ones. I am not a great cook and I am an idiot in studying for the right recipes. Belle is 9 months’ old already and she needed to start eating the right food. I am learning to bake healthy snacks for Belle so that she would love me. Ha ha I am just kidding but really, baking is not hard. The hardest task is cleaning up. I need to keep this momentum going so that I can find the reason to invest in a bigger oven. Speaking of this, Mickey Mouse is celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year and I saw this Mickey Mouse mini flip over waffle maker. I really wanted to get it because the instruction is simple. However, up till now, I find no ways for it to be delivered worldwide. SO, for now, I haven’t paid for it yet.

Starting her since young

I am working on a blog post of this “Multilingual Baby Book” from My Baba Baa. It is a sound book where it consist of three main languages. In Malaysia, you are encouraged to master at least three languages. I know I want my daughter to learn more than that hence I need to start her from young. My Baba Baa was nice enough to send me a set of rompers for Belle to try on. She looks cute in them because she is really chubby. I won’t tell in details because everything I wish to say will be in that particular post. I really encourage every Mommies to get one for your little one because it is really worth it.


From 20th March 2020 to 24th March 2020, I have enrolled myself in an online training on how to create my own portfolio. As a host, your clients would want to know more about you first before engaging you for your service. I haven’t done a good job at first because all I did was a simpler version. After going through this course, I had a better idea on how to create a better portfolio. All my feelings and aftermath had been written via Facebook. It is so hard to catch up with IT Savvies when I am not one myself. PowerPoint Slides hadn’t been good to me so I had to start my work at the beginning of the day when everyone is supposed to start at night. Yet, I had fun and I believe in putting efforts to learn a new skill. Thank God for a supportive husband who is always at my service. Friends, do spread this news to all your friends if they need to engage a host. I’ll be at your service 🙂

Since we are entering MCO Round 2 (1st April 2020 – 14th April 2020), let me quickly attached some pictures to explain why is it important for us to stay INDOORS. Don’t be a pain in the ass. We are not asking you to be a sneaky pie to sneak back to your office to work or go visiting your friends to have a small party. There is a reason why we have to carry out this term called “SOCIAL DISTANCING”. If you really have that much time and have nothing better to do, then for goodness sake, go sign up for Netflix and start watching all the movies or series you can find there. When you work, you complaint you don’t have time. When you don’t have to work, you complaint how much you miss work. For your information, I don’t even have enough time for myself because I am filled with work and mom’s duties. So just keep your mouth shut and #stayathome . Stop complaining and start doing your part as a civilized MALAYSIAN.

SO DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES BEHIND YOUR STUBBORNNESS NOW? What if it is your own family? Can you imagine how the family of those front liners are feeling now? Can you imagine how we felt watching all those videos of young affect children and family kins? In Canada, no funerals are allowed and family members are not even allowed to bid their last farewell. And you can still be so ignorant and thinking there’s no big deal about this. Please wake up. If you have that much time, I suggest you to just sleep it off. Or else, just eat it out and #dudukdiamdiamkatrumah

Sorry dearies, I am just pissed off at how childish people can get. Blaming government. Countries arguing among one another. People’s life are at risks. Businesses are affected. VIRUS is spreading. Numbers of infected cases are arising. I hope you guys stay safe and do take care of your family. Drink as much water as you can.

See you soon.

Viola Ng

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