VERYMOM Korea – Make all rashes disappear

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This is my very first post on “Baby Product” review and I am just as excited as you are. I always wanted to write more posts on products. Well, I guess I should do more posts like this to benefit mommies-to-be or mommies who are looking for reliable reviews. Just a quick note here, I am not an expert but I am writing it based on my very own experiences and hence, it might not work for everybody. I am a lazy Mommy when it comes to reading reviews or researching. Hence, I relies a lot on real life testimonies or straight to the point comments. I am very thankful for bloggers who are authentic enough to share their real stories with us. To be frank, coming up with your very own content is not easy. Therefore, don’t judge me okay? I really sucks in taking pictures and I have no sense of arts and good angles.

I saw a make up artist posting about this brand – VERYMOM Korea. Belle hadn’t turn a month old at that time. Apparently, this make up artist has a daughter who is approximately one month older than Belle. Her baby has dry skin and I could see rashes and peeling off. The make up artist recommended this lotion and shared her daughter’s testimony on IG stories. I thought it was amazing because I really did see improvements on the baby’s skin. Since this lotion is only available in Korea, she said she know someone who could help to bring it back. That’s when I decided to give it a try. Belle has sensitive skin like me. My skin is sensitive and it gets really itchy and uncomfortable once in a while. It is hard to make her rashes go away. Belle always have red spots all over her face.

Belle and her very FIRST Verymom’s lotion from Korea

The price is not cheap for this bottle of lotion (300ml). It is known as VERY MOM (Dear My Lovely Skin) – Seed Ceramide Lotion. It is made out of natural green tea seed, black currant seed and grape seed oil. It is highly recommended among the doctors in Korea and almost all the babies and kids in Korea are aware of this brand. Some even joked that if you want your babies to have skin as perfect as the Koreans, you should definitely consider this brand. I will briefly explain the benefits of each ingredients as all their products (kid’s products) are made out of these three ingredients.

Benefits of the natural seeds:-

  1. Green tea seed – Green Tea is a powerhouse antioxidant which has been shown to significantly promote collagen synthesis. It may also help to slow down the skin glycation process. It can help to minimize the signs of anti ageing.
  2. Black current seed – Black currants carry four times the amount of vitamin C and double the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. There are many reasons why Vitamin C is essential to the body. The body uses vitamin C to metabolize protein and form collagen, which is essential for skin care and anti-aging.
  3. Grape seed oil – This is personally my favorite because it doesn’t clog pores and is suitable for all kinds of skin, including oily ones like mine. Grape seed oil helps to moisturize skin, heal acne, brighten up your skin, tighten your pore, reduce scars on your face and etc.
This is Belle before she turns One month old.

As you can see from the above picture, Belle’s skin is peeling. She had all these rashes that seems like mosquito’s bite but it is not. We are not even sure if it irritates her as she cannot tell me that. It irritates me though because I cannot stand the rashes on her face. Initially, I’ll just massage her face at night before she sleeps. I couldn’t upload the video here but you can check it out at Belle’s instagram I thought she would enjoy the massage but apparently I was wrong. Miracle happens! After three days of applying this lotion, her rashes disappear and her skin looks fine. Check out the picture below.

Before using Verymom and after using it

We thought she had skin allergies. Her rashes was really bad from the beginning. We tried a different brand before this but that wouldn’t clear off her rashes. She was fine after applying this lotion for three days. So I increased the usage. Now, I apply the lotion on her face twice per day, each time after her bath. Verymom’s lotion has a sweet smell. I like it. It is really safe for kid’s to use. I would apply some on my face too because I like to cuddle with Belle each night. Sometimes her face would touch my skin and I thought adult’s products are not suitable for a skin to skin contact with babies. After trying out this lotion, I start to check out other products from the same brand. I purchased baby oil (165ml) and baby soothing gel too (200g). Baby Oil (165ml) is one of my favorite because I would dip one or two drops in Belle’s bath. Baby oil is suitable for babies with dry skin. I thought it is a waste because I usually won’t allow Belle to stay too long in the bath. It is not okay for kids to shower at night too. So, I usually will shower myself with her leftover water in the bath because it is a waste of baby oil. Haha, Yes I am that cheapo. Before trying out any products, do make sure you know what your kid is allergy and sensitive to. Belle seems fine with this so I am using this on a daily basis.

The products come in really nice packaging
Belle’s daily skin care

I am using Baby Organix’s head to toe shampoo for Belle’s shower. Verymom do have their own 2 in 1 shampoo too which can be used from head to toe. Perhaps I would give it a try after I have finish using up the current shampoo. I did not try it because of the pricing and my focus is on Belle’s sensitive skin. I thought I would only try out products which can help to ease her rashes. Hence, I only manage to try these three – Baby Lotion (300ml) , Baby Oil (165ml) and Baby Soothing Gel (200g). These products are really good if you have the budget for it. Of course, Belle is 9th month plus now and I haven’t finish my first bottle of lotion. Like I mentioned earlier, I apply the lotion on Belle twice per day. I only use the baby oil for her night bath and the soothing gel after her night bath.

These products can only be found online or purchase directly from Korea. If you want to try it out, you can type “VERYMOM KOREA” and you will be able to find it.

Belle and her best buddy

This is all for Belle’s daily skin care 🙂 I hope you enjoy this simple post from us. Take care and be safe!


Viola Ng

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