Movement Control Order Round 2

Hello Dearies,

In the midst of drafting out Belle’s 9th months progress, I thought I better not forget our “Movement Control Order” Round 2. Another 2 weeks has passed. How are you guys? What are you up to? To be frank, and with all sincerity, I am thankful to be able to stay home. Actually, I am glad to be back at my mother’s home because most of the stuffs that I need are here. Most importantly, there are lesser people (Only Momsy, The Hubs, myself and Belle) here so I feel more comfortable. Yes, sometimes Momsy is not happy because she thinks we are making her house messier and the way we do our house chores is not up to her expectations. Sometimes, there are a lot of “TSK” being heard throughout the entire day but who cares right? There is no such thing as “Perfect” family. However, I would like to think from another perspective – There’s no one else I would rather be with except for these people that God placed in my life. Yes, I would endure all the “Tsk” and black faces. Sometimes I also argued with The Hubs. Again, there’s no perfect someone. Just tolerating and accepting each other’s stupidity. That’s all!

Today is already 14th April 2020. Before we enter MCO Round 3, I am here to record all the things that I have accomplished for the past two weeks. There are many ongoing projects so I better no procrastinate now that Belle is having her evening nap. Really, I am not asking a lot. I am just wishing for 2 hours (Peaceful and Undisturbed) a day. JUST 2 HOURS will do. I could get so much done. I signed up for a 10 days of Challenge on the Quarantine Edition. Which means, I need to start being active back on Instagram or social media. I think it is one of the best way to spend time in a quality manner as I don’t want to just take a selfie of myself or simply get my family to pose and snap pictures. Every contents that I crafted need to be meaningful and worth to share. I was feeling bumped because I knew we had to cancel our Shang Hai trip this coming May 2020, due to Covid-19. Arisa was really kind to share all her cherry blossoms’ pictures to us. She also encouraged us to create our own version of #homenami also known as home picnic since we have to stay home. For those who doesn’t know, hanami means watching flowers (direct translate from chinese). It is like admiring the flower seasons to be exact.

My version of #homenami

I finally had chance to take out my “Beauty and the Beast” teapot set. Yes, I manage to persuade myself to start baking again. This is one of my favorite hobby throughout this entire MCO period. Some items failed of course but most of them are edible. I made my own version of chocolate vanilla muffin, alongside with my picnic basket and green tea, I had a great #homenami session. This incident also makes me realized I need to improve in my photo taking skills. I am really not good in taking pictures. One of my goals is to hire a full time photographer who can take nice and natural photos of us.

Story telling behind the scenes

This led me to my next project – Story Telling. I didn’t know this MCO would make me learn video editing. It really drives me crazy because it is time consuming. I like to get things done fast. That’s why friends always say it is hard to trust my taste because I totally have no expectation in something. If you are my Facebook friends, you will notice that I have uploaded some videos of story telling. I was inspired by Ally Maki and I thought since we will be at home, why not we make story telling interesting. I love reading and I always wanted Belle to take after this part of me since The Hubs doesn’t like to read and he don’t like books either. Books are interesting. Sometimes, the characters we get to know through books could be our greatest inspiration. Hence, I want my daughter to be able to imagine freely. I will continue this project of mine for long term but I want to do it differently each time. Come on people, give me more ideas!


You know me! A die hard fan of DISNEY! We need to do Disney the right way! Out come all my plushies from Frozen 2. We even opened up our new Frozen 2 Monopoly just for this occasion. I did explained the real moments behind this picture. Check out my instagram for more and follow us for our daily stories – iamjustviola

We set up the doll house for her

My whole MCO revolves around my daughter, Belle. She is the reason why I want to stay at home. I always wanted a daughter of my own and I thank God for granting my wish. She is the source of joy to all of us. Secretly, she is also the one who can fulfill all the dreams that I didn’t get to fulfill when I was a child. For instance, this DOLL HOUSE! OH MY WORD! I always wanted a doll house! Like a real, wooden one. Not those plastic doll house. I read all the stories written by Enid Blyton and always dream of having one. I saw this Rosebud doll house on sales at Mothercare and managed to persuade The Hubs to buy it for us. We bought it for a few months already and this is perfect period of us to set it up. I enjoyed it because it serves as the perfect reading corner for my video recording. This doll house is not complete because we have to fill up the furniture on our own if we want it to look nicer and fun. I make a pledge to purchase a tiny bit of it every month when I get my salary. Let’s hope Belle will love this doll house because she don’t seems interested in it.

Milo cake

This is one of the laziest, quickest, and easiest recipe I have ever tried since day 1. Success rate is 100%. I was quite demotivated after failing for quite a few times in “Steaming” cakes. There goes a saying, “If you never seek for help, you’ll never succeed”. I asked a friend how she did this. Then she sent me a link which I finds it disbelieving. But stubborn me still decided to give it a try and VOILAAAAA… I succeed!

You also need to stay fit during MCO

I have lost all my muscles ever since I gotten pregnant. What is gym? What is Viper Challenge? Where are my wills to conquer Mt. Everest? My last achievements was 2 years back when The Hubs proposed to me at Mt Kinabalu. Well, it was a spontaneous plan but we manage to hike up without any training. Back then, I was really active. My colleagues and I always signed up for Spartans, Viper Challenge, Penang Marathon and etc. Your surroundings can change your habits. I missed those times. But no complaints, I can still do my simple work out at home. Just want to remind all of you to stay fit and healthy. Eat all you can but remember to work out!

We Do Disney!

This is another moment to prove that we do Disney the right way. We cannot go to Disneyland but we can bring Disney’s food back to our home. The Hubs bought me some Mickey Mouse Ice Cream and I make sure I decorated my room and modify our Christmas’ hair bands before we indulge in our ice cream. It is not easy to take a proper picture when this chubby hand kept wanting to grab the ice cream off my hand. But I am just so happy we get to enjoy little moments like this. Make things special!


Last but not least, STAY HOME PEOPLE! STAY HOME! My family and I just wanted to encourage all of you to stay home and stay healthy. It is not hard to pass time… well at least for us, 20 days passed by in a blink of eye. All we need to do is to make things a little bit more exciting. Yes, there isn’t always rainbow and star. We have to face life all the same. Just scream it out and things will pass. We will go through all these together! MCO Round 3, here we come!!!


Viola NG

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