Movement Control Order Round 3

Hello dearies,

Today marks the day we enter “Movement Control Order” Round 4. This period has been a bliss to me even though I wish the World would be free from this horrible virus soon. Watching people lamenting daily on their social media and acting “as-if-they-really-care” by following up with the daily updates regarding the number of cases is just pissing me off. I know this is none of my concern but just by seeing them and getting lots of spam messages is just putting me off. And this has to come from my own family group (My mother’s side). I mean like seriously, instead of complaining daily and trying to act as a fortune teller, predicting when will MCO be lifted, can you guys please find something meaningful to do? Yes, the rules are changing everyday but this is Malaysia. You know your country well enough. I don’t mind watching you guys post things like what you have cooked, what you are up to, sharing something fun but this whole nonsense about Singapore and Malaysia is just too annoying. Maybe go volunteer yourself to be the front liner since you wanted so much to get out of the house? Let me tell you, this is going to be a long battle. Don’t be naive thinking you can get out of your house like a free bird once MCO is lifted. What we can do now is to be obedient and stay at home. The reason why you feel that your life is meaningless is because you are not using your time wisely. Are you using your time wisely? There are definitely productive days for me and of course there are also some days which are not so productive.

We all know that this time is not going to be easy. Even I myself is starting to worry if I will have enough to pay off my bills and commitments. Event Organizers are putting off payments. I haven’t even receive my payment since mid of March 2020. I feel really pissed off and upset but what to do? The market is tough. I understand alright. I truly do. BUT, from my point of view, it is simple. I have completed my tasks. I have done my job right before MCO. It is not like I did my job halfway before MCO implements. Yes my dear, I do understand events and how it works. I know many companies needed cash for rolling purposes. Here is the thing, my payment is not even worth five figure. Why not you just pay it off and plan wisely for those with larger figures? My amount of money is not even enough for your company to roll. The portion is just so small. Imagine if I needed this amount of money to survive. I would have starve man. Alright, enough of babbling. Let me give you a quick update on what we are up to during MCO Round 3.

My books series on parenting

I came across this series on parenting and thought it is interesting. As books lover, it is hard to resist this so I just made my purchase by filling up the form. I thought I won’t be receiving these because apparently the seller said they will have to ship these books from China and might take a long time. I was going to cancel my order because I wanted to read it during MCO. I am on Book 3 already. The books are in mandarin. Hence, it took me at least 3 to 4 days to complete a book. I learned so much from it. Here is the thing, reading and agreeing is one thing but to implement it in my life, it could be tough. I was trying so hard to not raise my voice when Belle did something silly. Well, a parenting journey is long but worth it.

Earth Day 2020

Apart from all the Disney’s baking, I have the privilege to do something meaningful on 22nd April 2020, which is EARTH DAY. I guess I need to make it a habit to do this every year and not just during a campaign. I joined a 3 months’ campaign organized by NuNature which is why I get to express my creativity by recycling the used bottles. I have to admit, it has been too long since I last did arts and crafts. I want it to be magical so Disney’s theme it is. I truly enjoyed myself. It made my day to see this little action of mine brought joy to others. Some of my friends actually messaged me to thank me for brightening up their day. This reminds me of those unopened boxes of miniatures which I haven’t set my hands to. Really need to get them done before another 10 years pass by.

Online Wedding Banquet Host Training 2.0

Southern Emcee Team organized an “Online Wedding Banquet Host Training” on 17th and 18th April 2020. Due to overwhelming response, our mentor has decided to open 2.0 the following week and now 3.0 is coming up. Even though the details and contents are the same but each time when I attended the course, our mentor uses a different way to express. Therefore, I always learn new things. It amazes me to see so many people coming together just because they are interested in hosting. Looking forward to equip myself with more techniques. I can’t allow my passion to just stay still. This industry is competitive. We can only upgrade and prove that we stand out among so many others out there. Sometimes it is just disheartening to know that people who have more followers and takes better pictures will get more jobs. It is not even about skills anymore but appearance can help to seal the deal. Still, I am happy that I get the opportunity to participate in an online contest. Wish me all the best though. I have a carefree personality so I don’t like spending a long time to prepare something nor stressing myself out. I love to live in the moment. Seeing my other course mates taking this competition seriously and practicing again and again to get the perfect recording makes my heart thump a little faster. Still, I only do one take and submit it without even listening to it. I prefer to be just me.

My first online competition
Home Picnic

Being at home gives me more opportunities to do something fun and interesting. Thank God for a good friend who brought me nice desserts. I love my “Beauty and the Beast” teapot set. Hence, you will see them a lot. Loving my new bag from Positive Bloom. I can’t wait to bring it out for a real picnic. I always wanted to go for a family picnic.

Belle in the car boot
Trying to create some contents

My whole MCO is about spending time with Belle. Of course doing my work too. I am not a good photographer nor do I have the sense of beauty. Hence, I am learning to create more contents. Now I do understand the pain and efforts of content creators. Guys, do pay your bloggers and influencers because it is not easy to come up with contents just for you audience to read. I am not an influencer but I am trying to maintain my passion in writing and as well as creating my own styles. Personal bloggers also have their own styles. So do I. I would love to keep a Disney’s blog but too bad, I don’t stay near Disney Lands. The items I would love to get from Disney Lands would make me go bankrupt. But oh my love for Disney’s stuffs. One day, perhaps one day, my dream would come true. Imagine me having fun everyday being at the most magical place on Earth. I would feel alive by then. Above are a campaign which I joined but got rejected because Belle is too young to take solid food like cereals. But I do love our interactions in this picture hence I don’t mind sharing it with you guys.

So far, MCO Round 3 has been great. Sometimes, I feel unwell due to lack of sleep. Sometimes I stress myself out because of the datelines. Sometimes I wish I have more personal time. I always plan to work after putting Belle to sleep but I am just so tired that I fall asleep too. However, this doesn’t make me hate being at home. I appreciate these extra days I get to spend with my family and of course, my dear Belle. Hope you guys are still hanging on and going strong. Do share with me if you have any exciting ideas or anything Disney’s related so that I can try it out too. I hope I am in time to share something exciting with you guys in the next post.

Do follow us at @iamjustviola for more of our daily stories. Most of my followers are sleeping followers. I wish for more genuine engagements.

Stay safe and keep going strong.

Much Loves,

Viola Ng

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