Shapee – My Breastfeeding Buddy

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth” – Pamela K. Wiggins

Maternity Shoot

Two lines shown on the pregnancy test kit sent a chill down our spins. It is confirmed! We found out that we were pregnant with Belle back in October 2018. What’s next? Can’t contain the excitements in me. Been figuring and listing out all the items I would love to get for Belle. Most importantly, to fulfill all my childhood dreams. To me, a boy or a girl doesn’t matter, as long as he or she is healthy.

What about the cost of milk powder? We had people telling us that milk powder would cost a bomb. Standard monthly rate would cost about RM1000? There’s no way I could imagine that. Why not I try breastfeeding? “Don’t be crazy Viola! You don’t have the will to continue”. “It is going to be really tiring and time consuming”. “Come on, milk powder has all its nutrients”.

Belle and Shapee

All these comments are not going to stop me from breastfeeding because I witness my daughter’s health with my own eyes. Her immune system is better than most of the babies around her age. True enough my supplies are low. Not enough to store up the whole fridge. I should be thankful if I can get two bottles per day. One thing I am going to be very honest with you is that you definitely need to have the willpower to continue this journey. Keep challenging yourself. This is what keeps me going. I first started out with one month. Then I stretched to two and three. Now that Belle is entering 15th month, you know where I am going. Yes. This is how far I have come with my breastfeeding journey. Plus, it is still ongoing.

I wouldn’t sugarcoat this journey because there are times when I definitely wish I could just stop right here. Belle prefers to be latched. Honestly, I prefer latching too because it is so much easier and time saving for me. It is a miracle how I get to come this far with work, events and not expressing frequently.

Shapee – My Breastfeeding Buddy

Misty Copeland quoted “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”. Grateful to have a few buddies who accompanied me from the beginning of my breastfeeding journey until today. One of them is definitely Shapee – The Classic Nursing Bra.

The price is affordable at only RM45.00. Now they are doing free delivery at a minimum purchase of RM80.00. Highly encourage you to check out their website.

You are promoted to a Mama the minute you got pregnant. People around me have already started giving me advices on what I should do and not do. As a first timer, I always ended up buying their ideas. Hence, my house is full of things that I don’t need. Not to say I am being ungrateful. I do appreciate friends and family giving me advice. Here is the thing. You may listen to every single advices but you won’t know what’s right for you until you get into the real situation. The best justice you can do to yourself is to just let things flow.

It didn’t occurs to me that I would be breastfeeding Belle for nearly 15 months and still ongoing. No one tells me that my breast might not be going out of shape so that I won’t rush myself into getting extra larger sizes and ended up not using them because I don’t feel comfortable wearing them.  I am not into fancy bras as I prefer simple and safe colors like black, white or nude. This is when Shapee comes into the picture. I got it from a baby shop. This classic nursing bra comes in several colors and sizes from 32 to 38. The available colors are black, beige, green, grey, maroon, pink, purple, rose, dusty blue and yellow gold. I selected size 32 in black color out of preference. Surprisingly, it fits me perfectly. Shapee nursing bra goes well with any clothing as it is virtually invisible under clothing plus it provides comfort all day long.

The best tip to prolong your breastfeeding journey is “Making your life less hassles”. Keep everything as simple and easy as possible. You’ll be surprise to know breastfeeding is not as troublesome as you presumed. Shapee has helped me a lot because I can now still dress up despite having to express and breastfeed my baby.

What do I love about Shapee? Being a user for one year, I have discover several plus points which I gladly want to share to every breastfeeding Mamas. Here are some of the details and features of Shapee.

Innovative Nursing Clip

Innovative Nursing Clip

Belle is a milk monster. She would ask for milk frequently.  This brought me so much annoyance because it is so troublesome to undress whatever you are wearing, then unhook your bra. It took me more time to get dress again just to have her wailing and requesting to latch again. Any Mamas out here can relate to this? As a full time working Mama, I have to find time to express milk when Belle is not with me. This is why I truly appreciate the “Innovative Nursing Clip” designed by Shapee. My goodness, it is so convenient that I could just drop it with one single hand on either sides. There is no need to unhook the whole bra. Moreover, it is time saving and convenient for a hassle-phobia person like me. I can now latch and express on the go, with just a single hand.

3D Seamless Design

3D Seamless Design

Shapee is made out of comfortable materials. It feels like your second skin. Not only does it fits perfectly but it helps to nurture the rapid growth stage of our breasts. We all know that your breast would go out of shape when you breastfeed. This is not something that we can control. It is important to take great care to avoid clogged ducts. Therefore, in order to not allow wired bra to insert pressure on milk ducts, it is wise to select fabrics and types that would ease your burdens. Shapee has high support level which can avoid sag. Most importantly, we can now dress up and still breastfeed because the bra is now invisible under clothing.

4 Hooks and Eyes Extension

4 Hooks & Eye Extensions

Normal bras would give you one to two hooks or a maximum of three. Shapee is different because it naturally comes with four hooks where you can adjust it according to your own comfort level. The strap is adjustable too. As your body changes, you may adjust the strap accordingly. Non-clip straps are reinforced for total support and comfort.

High Elasticity Level

Most wired bras can only fit in to one size. If we put on weights or go out of shapes, we might have to purchase new bras. You may want to consider Shapee because of its high elasticity level. It is stretchable and able to fit up to three sizes in one size.  You are able to wear this for long. This is my way of saving money. I owned two Shapee myself. So every day, I would be rotating between the two of them as it is really user-friendly.

Removable Foam Cups

Removable Foam Cups

This nursing bra comes with free foam cups. To achieve greater flexibility, the foam cups could be removed and replaced. In my case, hygiene is no doubts important. Foam cups could be replaced after some time.

Above are some of the points that I shared from my own point of views as a happy user. Some users might experience it differently. Whether or not you would buy my ideas, my advice is for you to check them out by yourself.  Not to say that only breastfeeding Mamas can use this type of nursing bra. I do believe I will continue to use this classic nursing bra even when I decided to stop breastfeeding one day. You may proceed to their website to check out more items that they are offering. You would also wonder if this type of bra would be long-lasting. Well, there are two simple tips to handle them. First, you are encouraged to use hand washing to prolong the life span. Second, hand in dry shade.

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoy reading this review! If you like this kind of articles, do message me privately to tell me what kind of products you would like me to share about. Appreciate that.

Have a nice day ahead!


Viola Ng

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