Hello October 2020!

Hello lovelies,

Just thought I would pop by for a quick update as I really needed to do something to keep my mind off “things”. October didn’t started off well because our little pumpkin pie is ill. She has always been a healthy baby. This is the first time she is down with high fever and sleepless nights. Now that she is resting, Mommy got some time to myself. Instead of prioritizing the many things that I should have done since time is so precious, I chose to blog. There are so many things which I wanted to share. Guess I would have to jot them down somewhere and remember to work towards that. A few projects are coming up. Vpowermommy will always be my thrash can. Hey, thrash can doesn’t mean it is full of toxic items. It is possible to even dump some colors and rainbows in it. Terms don’t matter. You just got to accept this little adventure book of your own. Let me just share some highlights of the past months.

Poor little pumpkin

My poor little pumpkin pie. It hurts like crazy to watch her suffering. True enough, I am annoyed by her endless cries and constantly sticking to me, asking to latch at every chances. Her temperature goes up and down. When you think she is going to be well, then her body went hot like a kettle. Her cheeks were fuming red. Teething makes it worst. Belle is literally crying every now and then. We have to take her to several doctors. Mommy knows you are unwell. Hang in there my little fighter. You will be alright.

Ibuencer – KOLs 1.0

Got invited by Jelly from Motherhood.com to attend Ibuencer , a high tea session for KOLs 1.0. Was reluctant at first because it would take more than three hours for us to get there and a few more hours for us to get back. However, The Hubs knew that I really long to attend events as it has been too long since my last. Got to know a few friends who shared the same passion in blogging. We really need some boost to serves as a reminder why I started blogging in the first place. It was a simple event but I had fun.

My first live recording

Been missing out many golden opportunities that might write a different chapter of my career after becoming a Mommy as I refused to let go of Belle. Am not sure how many of you here understand my agonies. It is irony how motherhood turns me into a totally different person. I used to be that person who would go all out when it comes to pursuing something that I loved. Now that Belle is here, my heart is telling me otherwise.

Did I mention to you before regarding the number of times I broke down silently after rejecting all the offers given to me? You think I didn’t want to just say “Yes” when someone offers me a hosting job in KL? You think I don’t feel anything when I see my course mates grabbing every opportunities to be on stage or to be featured on live shows? You think I don’t envied them for their single life? The kind of life when you would just forget the World and living in the moment. Many times I wonder how would it be if I were still single and childless. You wouldn’t know how much I envied people for being able to change jobs when they are not happy with their current ones.

Okay this isn’t how I want this passage to turn out. My initial plan were to talk about how grateful I am for the opportunity to host for Beletime Danga Mall. The moral of the story is, we all had our fair shares of struggles and issues. So, it would be better if we have a little bit of compassion and don’t judge a person if you don’t know him or her well.

Shooting for Friso Gold

You must have seen from our social media that we participate for the search of Friso Gold Top 50 Mombassador. Well, I was suppose to help to promote the campaign but ended up joining the contest and winning it instead. Now we have some free milk powder, cash prizes and free coaching to develop better contents. Thankful that we were given the opportunity to learn and grow. Looking forward to creating better content. My pumpkin pie is really my lucky star.

Picnic for myself

Picnic is the latest trend now. Everyone is posting pictures about picnic. That makes me want to have one for myself too. Now that Harvest 29 is empty and available, we have to make full use of the empty space. A simple touch of magic can lit up everyone’s day.

Plans? A person can be a good planner but things don’t usually go the way we planned. I only hope this year would pass faster so that I can rewrite my resolutions. Year 2020 is really not everyone’s year. Cancelling of trips, financial collapse, debts increased, change of job scope, and you name them please. For sure, we cannot go back to how things were before MCO. Let’s just move forward and hope for the best.

One thing that keeps me alive – DISNEY MAGIC MOMENTS

My one last wish for this year is to get craftier. Won’t put this section off again because it is not worth it. Disney magic makes me happy. I need more happiness right now. So, stay tuned for more!

The last report stated 287 new cases report on Covid-19.

Stay safe guys! That’s all from me!

Much loves,

Viola Ng

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