Ooh Ooh, Green Aliens Cupcake

Ooh Ooh, I have been chosen!

Hello dearies,

Got to do something different from my usual this round because I am keeping this a short and sweet one. Writing this as part of my Disney projects. Well, you know how crazy I am over anything that is related to Disney. You heard of Toy Story right? If you are a fan of Toy Story, you definitely know the Green Alien. Very hard to not notice this adorable creature and the space crane.

I am obsessed with this little green man. You probably could have seen them from my profiles. Yes, I was that crazy to purchase the Green Alien’s sweaters from Belle Maison Japan. Don’t even ask me about the price. Didn’t have to think twice before clicking the “Purchase” button. Ha ha. Might dream of having a Disney Museum in my house.

Toy Story Green Aliens Cupcakes

You see, I was determined to kick start with my #disneymagicmoments or rather bringing that dose of Disney magic home. Right here in Malaysia. Been stalking a lot of Disney blogger’s page and profiles, following a great deal of Disney Lifestylers, it is time for me to step up. Who would have known that creating my own version of DIY Disney styles and Disney Eats could be so difficult? My Mickey apple that should be covered with caramel chocolate was an epic fail. Next up, I came across the Toy Story Green Aliens cupcakes. Without thinking, I gathered everything I could find from the grocery store. Perhaps, I could succeed this round.

Here is the recipe and ingredients you need to create this Green Aliens Cupcakes:-

-Cupcakes (bake from your own recipe)

-Chewable mints or round flat white chocolates

-Whip cream

-Green color flavoring

-Melted chocolate

-Green apple sour belts (for the ears and anthenna)

For the actual recipe, you can download them from The Disney Family – Here

As you can see, some are ugly looking because of the mess. It doesn’t even look like my little green men. To be frank, i am a lazy and less delicate person when it comes to measurements. Chuck everything into the mixing bowl by estimation. No wonder some of my cupcakes are either too full or too little. There is only one word in my dictionary – Fast. You know how impatient I am so let’s get down to business. Cutting out odd shaped ears from the sour belt is tormenting because you’ll ended up having sticky fingers with sugar all over the places. Couldn’t resist putting them all into my mouth.

The best part of this activity is The Hubs had to help me out because this is not an option. He did a great job by drawing the eyes. Voila! We made it at last.

Selecting the good among the worst

Feeling like a happy girl once we have completed this #disneyfamily activity. To be fair, Belle did not help out at all. All she did was to run to us when the ads display on the screen. As you can guess, this crazy Mama quickly took some nice pictures and the rest is history.

We put everything back to place, stuff the cupcakes in containers, back to fridge and that’s it! Just kidding, I actually ate a few of them. Which reminds me, the cupcakes are still in the fridge, waiting to be consumed. Modified one or to to suit this Halloween’s season. Take a look down here.

Mickey pumpkins and Green Aliens

Last but not least, let’s not waste food! I know none of you here have sweet tooth like me. It does taste awesome. Do try it out if you are keen because this is really a good activity. Quite therapeutic to do it once in a while. Will share more recipes in the upcoming updates. That’s all from me.

OOH OOOOHHHHH! I have been chosen!

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