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Hi Mamas,

What features would you take note on when you are selecting suitable pillows for your little ones? I was ignorant when it comes to this part. While I was pregnant and prepping, I would only go for those that are pleasing to my eyes. Shapes, types and designs would became my main considerations. And then some sellers would be giving out free pillows and bolsters. Would ended up having the whole stalk of unused pillows at home. Belle doesn’t use them either as she would prefer to sleep on my arm.

Would you consider a pillow for your infant or baby? What is holding you back? Chatted with a few Mamas and got to know that their main concerns on pillows are the change of shape of their babies’ head. Yes. I agreed that babies’ skulls are not firm when they are still young. Hence, the shape of their heads could vary from time to time. Some Mamas are worried that if the pillow is too large, and babies would suffocate. Some are even worried about “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”, in short for S.I.D.S.

Today, I am going to share my review on this pillow from Mamaway that might ease your worries. It would give you a piece of mind if you have some of the concerns that I mentioned above. Let me give you a short description about Mamaway Maternity. Mamaway Maternity provides a wide range of products for pregnant Mamas, Mamas-to-be and Mamas. They cover you from every angles – from pregnancy to recovery, from breastfeeding and beyond. I love their tagline of “Made for moms, made by moms”.

Do you remember the Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Baby Pillow Toddler Pillow that I shared on my Instagram? It is from Mamaway. Belle was down with fever a few weeks back. It affected her sleeps very much. She was unwell and clingy, not wanting to eat. Remembering this pillow has a feature for fever relief, I decided to finally give it a try. This serves like a calming pillow for Belle. The pillow is slightly solid and heavy comparing to our usual pillows that are made out of cottons. It is made out of Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Mattress (Medical Grade Form). Plus, it is 99.9% antibacterial. All I need to do is to place the pillow in a plastic bag, place it into the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes before letting Belle use it. I thought the pillow would freeze but it didn’t because of its material (certified Medical Grade Foam). Most importantly, Belle is able to sleep soundly. A quality sleep is important to any sick child.

Temperature regulating is another plus point I would like to bring out. Most babies would sweat in their sleep, let alone when they are having fever. Belle’s temperature would suddenly go very high or lower after she sweats. Taking care of her is not easy as I would have to make sure she don’t sleep in sweaty and wet condition. Belle usually sweat a lot even if when she is not down with fever. She would kick all the covers away. This Hypoallergenic pillow is absorbent and breathable. Hence, you don’t have to worry about odor creating from sweats. We are all familiar with that awful smell. Trust me, it won’t happen. Once in a while, you may disinfect the pillow by gently soaking it with soapy water and let it dry. I would usually do that on a regular basis. Perhaps once a week?

There is a proper way to handle them so that it can last longer. All you need to do is to remove the pillow cover and spray some sanitizer on the pillow. I shall try them out and perhaps I can record a video for you guys someday. Thanks Mamaway for showing me the correct way to clean them.

If you read my previous post on skin care products, you would have known by now that Belle was born with eczema. Once in a while, she would have rashes all over her face. Obviously, these are not from mosquitoes’ bites. This don’t happen often but once in a while, she would have it. I don’t mean that Belle rashes would disappear immediately after using but it is definitely an added value for us. According to the European Standards, this pillow is suitable for babies with eczema, asthma and allergy sufferers.

Overall, I would say I am quite satisfy with this pillow as it is really comfortable. Appearance wise, it came with yellow stripes which is trendy looking. My sharing is very clear cut and blunt because I know you would have done a lot of research of pillows. This is purely from my own personal experience which I would love to share them with all my Mama friends.

Mamaway is a great advisor when it comes to pregnancy and post pregnancy. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, it is time to check them out. You can now leap into Motherhood with great confidence knowing that Mamaway has got you covered.

If you would like to purchase this pillow, you may click on the link here:

Let me just share the promo code here again if you are planning to purchase this pillow. You may now insert MAMABLOG-VIOLA to enjoy RM25 off for any purchase over RM200.

Thank you for reading this. Looking forward to read all your testimonies and journey with Mamaway.



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