Disney Halloween – Making it spookier

Hey dearies,

Happy Belated Halloween to all my folks here!

Drafted this post on the 30th October and up till now, I am not done with it yet. If you know me, I don’t usually celebrate Halloween as a duo because I am afraid of anything spooky. As we aged, I realized I am not brave at all. Get startled easily due to loud noises, jumped up in fright when I was too engrossed in something and somebody just came up, afraid of riding the roller coasters, frightened of haunted house, scared of heights and paranoid at every single things. Wondering how I pluck up the courage of riding the roller coasters back then. I thought I were a daring girl but I guess not.

November 2020 is a leap of faith for me as I transferred to a new department. Not that this could kill me. I am not that fragile. You somehow get what I was trying to say. Don’t you? Don’t worry. There isn’t anything wrong with me. Everything is fine here. More reasons for me to fall in love with this place. Food choices are great (except that I am spending more than usual). People here are friendly and minding their own businesses (Don’t get me wrong, we are all adults so just respect one another). Working culture is flexible here (We get to clock out on time). Praying to the same Dato Gong daily (Well, Dato Gong is the same in Eco Spring and Eco Botanic). It is good to have something to rely on when you are feeling helpless and alone. Faith is my best friend. The feeling of being an intruder is not nice. Always feeling like an alien coming from another planet and finding it hard to blend in. Am sure it is the same feeling for everyone. Trust me, I just knew it. Can’t help it because people are already bonded and out of a sudden, an alien comes in. Hey, I already told myself since that fateful day that I am just going to go all out and doing what’s possibly right.

Relying too much on The Hubs is not a good thing. He had been spoon feeding me since day one. Definitely need some time to stand alone again. Now, excuse me. I think there is something in my eyes. Didn’t expect to get emotional while typing this. That’s why I love WRITING. I really pour my heart out in every blog post of mine. Make sure you read it sincerely.

My favorite Disney Halloween Outfits

My source of magic? DISNEY! As mentioned earlier, we don’t usually celebrate this day. As a family, it is a whole new story. Mickey falls are famous in Disney Land. They only appear during the fall season. SO, I thought it would be fun to created our own version of Mickey Pumpkin’s outfits. The materials needed are simple and easy to find.


Felts (Orange, black, green, white)

Plain Orange dresses and T-Shirt

Plain Orange Caps

Hot Glue Gun

The steps are easy too. All I did was to cut out the necessaries like the eyes, ears, noses and mouths. You could download the outline from the internet or Disney Family as reference. For me, I just cut them base on instincts hence you could see that the outlines are not standardize. Well, we are not looking into perfections but to have fun while creating magic. The Hubs helped me to firm them up by hot glue-ing every drop parts. Poor fellow got burnt by hot glue all the time. Nevertheless, we had fun.

From the bottom of my heart, we do.

The Hubs and I selected a perfect day to do this photoshoot. Are you smart enough to guess it? Boo, you probably would have seen it all over my Instagram. Yes. We deliberately choose to do all these Disney stuffs on our “Happy 2nd of Happily Ever After”. Only Disney and nothing else. Photo shooting was fun, except that the scorching sun could burn us alive. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. Do enjoy them.

Belle is really our source of joy. A gift from God. Did I tell you that we didn’t plan her? God just decided to gift it to us. We are already happy and blessed as a duo. With Belle here, it is like a perfect blend to our “Happily Ever After”. Giving me more reasons to create my own source of magic.

Do you like the magic that we created? Now that holiday season is here, I am getting all pumped up to welcome the arrival of Christmas. Can’t wait to set up our Christmas tree and getting Belle dressed up for her second Christmas. Best wishes to all you folks!

Stay tune to more of our Disney magic!



13 thoughts on “Disney Halloween – Making it spookier

  1. Awwww… so sweet all of us! Happy belated Halloween!
    Hope you guys enjoy!
    Next year will also do together with my daughter.


  2. Happy holloween to you..
    So cute Bella.. nanti besar mesti your daughter cantik macam you..
    And you kreatif sangat tau.. i like! enjoy your day!


  3. Sangat nice lah costume ni memang simple tapi bermakna untuk sambutan Holloween hehehe cute jer tengok hehehehehe…


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