Ho Ho Ho into the jolly season

Hi Dearies,

We are entering the last week of November 2020. December 2020 is coming real soon. Since I am already in the festive mood, guess the excitement surpasses all the lamenting of how year 2020 should be. Thanksgiving is arriving real soon. As an Asian, we don’t usually celebrate Christmas the traditional way. Sure wish we could do a proper one just to satisfy that Caucasian’s soul in me. Yes, we would set up Christmas tree, hung up some decorations, do gifts exchange, had a Christmas cake and all, BUT nothing about them felt like I were having a proper Christmas. No traditional Christmas dinner. No blancmanges or Christmas pudding. No fruit cakes. No Christmas Crackers (forced everyone to pull the crackers with me last year). Nothing to feel excited about as I knew my stoking would be empty the next morning.

Growing up with Enid Blyton’s stories, I have been wanting to lay out cookies and milk for Santa Claus, writing letters to Santa, be a good girl all year long so that Santa would reward me with all the toys, waking up to see filled stoking, having Christmas pudding and jellies, get to eat roasted turkey for Christmas, pulling Christmas crackers with my friends, get to snowball outside our yard, building my very own snowman and attending a proper Christmas party full of games and all.

I am a dreamer.

Am proud of that. True enough I do feel lonely sometimes because no one around me can relate to my thoughts. There is a little girl living in me. She will always be a part of me doesn’t matter how old I get. My hope would be my daughter, Belle. The only person whom I wish would get excited at the talk of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Learning to take things one step at a time. Didn’t realized that I am slowly evolving into a person who shows no mercy to myself. Tend to push myself so hard that I get really frustrated when I didn’t get things done according to my designated time frame. Wait a minute, this is totally out of topic.

Alright. Let’s talk about something happier. So I have been eyeing on most of the Disney Merchandizes that just wouldn’t be shipped to Malaysia. One of them is the Disney Blow Mold Snowman Mickey that could be lighted up from Lowes. How fantastic if I could grab hold of this pair and display them under my white Christmas Tree. Too bad, most of the items that I have been eyeing at don’t do international shipping. If I engage a personal shopper, they would cost a bomb! Argh! I so wanted to get the Disney Holiday Trains for Belle.

DIY Mickey Snowman and Minnie Snow-woman

The original snowman looks very creepy. Hence I decided to DIY them into the Lowes’ Mickey and Minnie. Well, at least I tried my best. Still a lot of improvements in my craft skills.

What do you need?

Felt (Green, Red, Black and White)

Hot glue

Cotton ball

Step one would be cutting out the necessities. I don’t have a standard measurement as I like to cut things out of my imagination. Hence, the wastage! Remember, hot glue gun is your best friend. Make sure you make full use of them. I would always encourage you to start with the basics first. Then you can go advance with your materials selection.

Voila! IT IS DONE! Very fast and easy craft that can be done by anyone.

Now I Just need to hang them on my Christmas Tree instead because they are not huge enough to go under the tree. Till then, I hope you enjoy my little Disney DIY. There are more to come.

How are you getting along with your preparation for Christmas?

Share them with me!



8 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho into the jolly season

  1. Hey so cute laa you DIY the mickey mouse snowman. I hope everything is getting well and your Christmas coming soon will cheer your life..


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