PROFIT – My health buddy

Hi Dearies,

Remember my post on Instagram where I promised to do a write up on PROFIT? Here I am delivering my promise to you. People said it is generally easier to earn women’s money because we need to care for ourselves from head to toe. You heard me! If you are planning a start up, what are you waiting for? When I said from “head to toe”, I literally meant “EVERYTHING”. We, ladies, always have a soft spot for cute and nice things even if when we don’t need them. Take me for example, I would spend thousands on my face but my pores are still large. I would spend thousands on collector’s items and ended up not knowing what to do with them. Sounds ironic right? That’s what makes us special.

During my pregnancy and way before my pregnancy, I rely a lot on Pureberry Enzymes to keep me in shape. Thank God I am discipline enough to consume a sachet daily. Always had constipation as I don’t maintain healthy diets. My meals are so unhealthy as we tend to eat outside most of the time. Remembering how I dare not push too hard after delivery, I was constipated for five days. The Hubs is not too pleased with me having to rely on products. To him, all these could be solved through the food we consume daily. We just have to change our diets, which means lesser sugar intake, no oily food, and no fried food. Definitely the “Oh-My-God-Please-Kill-Me” moment for me.

Since June 2020, I have decided to stop consuming Pureberry Enzymes to see if I can pass motion naturally. Cautious that I might not be able to poop, I began to take more fruits daily, forcing myself to not skip meals. It didn’t start off easy because there are times when I don’t even go to the toilet for three days. My extracts are hard. At times, I’ll feel as if I have just gone through another round of delivery. Yes, it was that bad.

PROFIT came along. Got to know Sans Wellness through a close friend of my mom. This is a really complicated relationship. Ha Ha. It started off with Happy Grains, then Sans Wellness. Finally, Soul Good is the brand that I ended up working with. These three brands are somehow related but let’s take it slow. If I review all at once, it isn’t logic as most products need time for test and trials. Under Soul Good, there are many types of other health products. Profit is one of them.

For this review, I’ll classify them under three categories:-

  1. Product Packaging
  2. Product Features
  3. My own reviews
Profit – My health buddy


When we talk about the packaging, one look at it and you know what I am trying to say. Looks elegant isn’t it? I was thrilled when they first handed me the package. Profit comes in light blue color that was accustomed into a gift box look-alike. There are altogether 30 sachets inside. Comes in simple and yet elegant form. I like how they insert simple quotes alongside with some easy to understand descriptions of the product. “A Taste Of Freedom” is what captured my attention. For a writing person like me, you sure know the way to get to my heart. Not too much of playing around with the colors as they keep it clean and clear. Personally feel that this would be just the happy gift I would love to receive. We, girls, love pretty stuffs. I am one of them.

Take a look at the inner view of Profit. Loving the quotes on the inner cover.

Inner view of Profit


There are six main features for Profit. First thing first, you need to know that they are 100% natural. Second is that it is superb safe as they don’t come with side effects. Some products come with an effect. For instance, previously I took enzymes. Even after months of getting immune to the product, I still can feel the effect.  The effect will take place after six to eight hours, and I’ll feel pain in my tummy. Thus I know I needed to run to the toilet. Other effects that I experienced would be diarrhea. My extract would come in watery form. Would need to run to the toilet a few times in a day.

Here comes my favorite feature. The concept of the sachet is “Tear and consume”. You don’t need to carry a shaker around to drink it. You can just tear the sachet and pour it in your mouth to consume it. Hence, it leads to the next feature where it is easy to carry around. As you can see, the sachet doesn’t come in big sizing so you can easily place a few sachets inside your bag.

Profit is made out of natural fruits resources so that it is easy to absorb. Designed perfectly for urban people as we are all busy with lives. Sometimes we don’t watch our diets. No, trust me. It is easier said than done. We always said we want to start eating healthy. My dears, it all sounded very easy but we all know that eating out is generally not the best option. Therefore, Profit exists just for you and me.

As much as we can try eating healthy, once in a while we need to rely on supplements and health product to maintain. Personally, I do need to detox once in a while because of the food I consume daily. Profits function in five different ways – Slimming and weight loss, Intestine and Stomach health, prevent constipation, skin beauty and enhancing overall health.

In this article, I’ll be elaborating a few main ingredients used to produce Profit and how they contributes to each functions.

Slimming and weight loss – White Kidney Bean is well known as starch blocker. It also serves as natural amylase inhibitor by inhibiting the digestion of starch where it the amount of starch digestion is reduced. Being Asians, most of us can’t live without rice or noodles. Well, I can’t go without them. Hence, Profit contains white kidney bean that helps to prevent the intake of most starch calories.

Intestine and Stomach health – Do you often experience stomach discomforts? Constipation has been with me at a very young age. It is not only about my food intake but rather my digestive system too. Didn’t see it as a big issue when I was younger. Things got serious once I exceeded age 25. Started getting frequent gastric attacks, bloated after every meals, feeling nauseated and tummy pain. Inulin, Probiotic and digestive enzymes are the three main natural ingredients that are found in Profit. Inulin helps to promote the growth of probiotics whereas probiotics serve the purpose of promoting a healthy digestive track and improves the immune system. On the other hand, digestive enzymes break down large food into smaller substances to absorb nutrients. Don’t treat Profit as a medicine. I didn’t say it is. It serves as additional supplement to help to improve and maintain a healthy body.

Overall Health – Have you heard of Soy Oligopeptide? Bet it sounds strange to you isn’t it? Let me try to break it down to simpler explanations. Basically, Soy Oligopeptide replenishes the body’s nitrogen to restore physical health. There are times when you will feel your body not performing at its best. Soy Oligopeptide not only helps to relieve fatigue, but also can prevent atherosclerosis, heart disease and thrombosis.

Let me explain a little bit regarding peptides. Peptides is an important element when it comes to boosting the immune system.

The roles of peptides are as below:-

 *Activates cell activity and reverse aging

*Repair mutated cells, scavenge free radicals

*Promote nutrient absorption and expel metabolic waste

*Suppress cell degeneration, increase body immunity

There are definitely other natural ingredients like Corn peptide that functioned to protect liver and Walnut peptide which is important for brain health.

My Own Reviews

Got to know Happy Grains through Anna, owner of Harvest 29. Weren’t aware of the collaborations between Happy Grains and Sans Wellness until Dr. Go and Grace brief me about it. San May approached me for collaboration after some time. Soul Good came right in after that. Under Soul Good, I was told that there are several products and Profit is just one of them.  First glance at Profit, I go “WOW”. I am in love with the packaging. The main hook that caught my attention are the quotes. Light blue is a gentle and yet not too low profile color hence it blends in perfectly. You’ll automatically classify Profit as women’s health care. As a long term enzymes consumer, it is not easy to make the decision to stop it. Been relying on it for detoxing. Come on, I only put on a maximum of 4kg to 5kg throughout my entire pregnancy. My first few “None-enzymes” days are still bearable. Of course things are not as easy as I predicted. There are several days in a row when I didn’t go to the toilet. Tried staying healthy by taking fruits daily and eating balanced meals but that doesn’t help too. The main problem is, I need specific natural ingredients to help to improve my digestive system.

Was contemplating whether or not to kick start with Profit. Let’s be real and honest. The box lay still in my cupboard for weeks because I just couldn’t bring myself to start consuming it. This is like a psychology effect. I tried so hard to stop relying on products and now I am starting to take in a new one instead. Kicking myself real hard. A promise is a promise.

San May told me that most of them feel lighter after consuming Profit. It depends on what you want to achieve. Some people want to lose weight fast whilst some just want to maintain. The number of sachets to consume daily is subjected is based on the result you want to achieve at the end of the day. Initially, they told me to consume six sachets per day. Thought about it for long but finally decided to just stick to one to two sachets daily. I find the taste alright for it is not as sweet as I thought it would be. It tasted like natural sour berries. Almost tasteless but you can still taste it faintly. One thing that I am convinced is that Profit doesn’t cause diarrhea. Was constipated for two days but that was all. You can be assured that I don’t consume on a daily basis but rather once in two days or maybe more than that. You can either mix it in water or pour the whole sachet inside your mouth directly before each meals.

Not going to brag about how Profit has transformed my life as I mentioned, this is not some secret remedy or magical medicine. You are not going to lose 10kg within a day or even get radiant skin within a week. Staying healthy is a long and on-going process. Hence, I won’t give you false hopes. My readers will know that I will only share products that I have personally tried for some time. So far, I am satisfy with Profit because it didn’t cause any side effects like tummy pain or diarrhea.

Sincerely hope you guys learn something from this article. Love reading about the ingredients and their functions. I can’t wait to explore more products from Soul Good. At this age, it is important to understand the supplement or health products that we consume daily to see if the product is suitable to our bodies.

Till here. Have a great day!

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Viola Ng

7 thoughts on “PROFIT – My health buddy

  1. i thought the profit is Profit hahahaah untll i read the articles its actually a product! hahaah what a cool name! thank you for sharing, will do some research about this product, might be suit me well


  2. Thank you for being honest with your review. Too often, you read reviews that are like “hey look! I’ve only been taking this since yesterday and already lost 50 kg!”. 🙄 So annoying to read.


  3. Would love to try this! I’ve been gaining a lot of weight during this MCO , CMCO period! This will help me a lot ! Thanks for the review!


  4. Ok suka review jujur macam ni. Actually utk turunkan berat badan pun if tak jaga makan dan bergantung 100% pd produk pun tak boleh hehe..semuanya bergantung pd usaha kan..hehe


  5. this product ramai girl suka hehehe senang nak ambil dan juga ia berkesan kerana dari dalamkan tengok packaging pun cantik dan menarik menggoda nak beli hehehehe…


  6. Such an elegant and convenient packaging.. very true to be healthy is a long process and journey, not something we can achieve in short..


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