Flounder, don’t be such a Guppy!

Hello Dearies,

Some time ago, I uploaded a series of our family photos inspired by “The Little Mermaid”. As you know, I am a Disney nerd and everything that has to do with Disney would make me go OOOOOOHHHHH. Have you seen my recent creation of Flounder from The Little Mermaid? If you don’t know who is Flounder, it is that adorable yellow fish with blue stripes in the movie. Do you like it? Got to be honest with you, I have been putting this project off for the longest time. Not saying that this project is hard since the ideas are basically sticking in my head. Just have to make it come alive. One of the main reason why I dragging it is because I am starting to have skin allergies again.

It has always been like this once I started getting my hands dirty on arts and crafts. My major outbreak was during 2017 when I really just go all out for “Mother Ocean”. Making arts and crafts means getting burnt by hot glue, being in touch with glitters, fabric dyes and all. My skin is just too fragile for all these. You won’t want to know how horrible I looked when I suffers from the outbreak. The minute I feel the itch, I know I am dead. My face would look like a swollen pig and I just couldn’t resist scratching my whole body. A whole new level of discomforts. Come to think of it, I have to wear mask daily at one point of time. Even way before Covid-19.

How disgusting right? I would get this kind of attack daily. Sometimes, it just has to be at the wrong point of time, especially when I am attending a function. My eyes would just go swollen, then it would spread to my nose and my mouth. Some people are being judgmental by saying I went for a plastic surgery. Just because you didn’t experience this, it doesn’t mean that skin allergies don’t exist in this World. Medical bills for allergies are crazy high. One visit to the doctor would cost at least RM500. Remembering that my medical claims went from RM1800 to zero at the beginning of the year. Yet, the specialist told me I would have to be on long term medication. Thinking about it sends chill down my spine. NEVER! Never want to go back on medication again.

What is this? When I want to keep things short and sweet, I would always go side track. Getting more and more long-winded already. No choice, I am getting old physically. Ha Ha. Okay. Enough of blabbers already. Let’s get down to business!

The Little Mermaid

This is not how I expected the photos to turn out to be. Wanted to make a boat to recreate the scene where of “Kiss the Girl”. However, I reckoned it would take a really long time before I can get all the props ready. Three years has passed since I last put on this mermaid’s outfit. The Hub’s outfit is easy, just putting together a few basis from the wardrobe. Both of us have certainly aged a lot and we have put on a lot of weights. My little Flounder, Belle, is looking adorable in this outfit. For every master pieces of mine, I really pour my heart into it.

Little Flounder without her cap

You can imagine how hard it is to get a 17 months old toddler to pose for nice pictures. First thing first, she would try her utmost best to get rid of the cap we tried so hard to put on her. The items needed for this outfit is very common. Manage to get this done out of the craft supplies that I already had.

To create this Flounder’s outfit, you would need to have the items below:-

A plain yellow dress

A plain yellow cap (In my case, I bought a plain white cap)

Felts of blue, dark blue, white and black

Blue craft foams

Hot glue gun

Fabrics dye


PS: You could get most of the craft items locally except for the yellow cap. In my case, I found a white cap from Art Friend. So I just need a bottle of yellow fabric dye to turn it yellow. Take note on this, it is important to read the instructions and write up on the bottle when it comes to selecting a good fabric dye. I didn’t read it which is why I ended up buying one that needed to be paint by a paint brush. You get what I mean alright?

Other than that, the steps are simple. Most of my creations are quite free styles as I don’t have a standardized template. Just remember that hot glue gun is your best friend. All wonderful things can be created by just using hot glue gun. Making Flounder requires a lot of cutting and measuring to ensure that the size is correct. My advise is, don’t seek for perfection. No artworks are similar to one another. That’s why it is important to recognize your own and be proud of it!

Do you like our little Flounder? It is time to zip my mouth and let pictures do the talking!

Come, let me be honest with you! I know this Mermaid attire looks good but let’s face it. This is downright the most uncomfortable outfit ever. Can’t even walk properly. What’s worst, it is made out of sequins which makes me shriek every time it touches my skin. I guess love can surpass any discomforts for I don’t remember feeling like this three years ago when The Hubs and I started dating. Ha Ha.

Nonetheless, I am still proud of this Flounder’s outfit as I really pour my heart into this Disney Project. Christmas is coming. Don’t think I have enough time to check out all my plans for this year. One of the biggest lesson I learnt throughout this year is taking things slow. I get exasperate and devastated when I have to rush over everything. Sometimes, I got something planned out but can’t seems to get it done. Got really upset at times especially when I wakes up superb early daily but still have to race with time. What is this?

Life never seems to be smooth but it is beautiful so to say the least. Embracing and loving every single moments like this. This gives me the inspiration to write my next post – A happy Mommy.

Stay tuned for that!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This World would be even beautiful if everyone can stand in the light.



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