Good bye 2020

Hello dearies,

Time flies isn’t it? It feels just like yesterday when the three of us took a family portrait to welcome year 2020. I can’t believe this would be my last blog post for year 2020. Unexpectedly strange. No doubts this has got to be one of the strangest year but also full of “oh-I-am-so-thankful-for-this-year-moments”. Sounds crazy but it is true. Started the year fulfilling my role as a new mother, not knowing where motherhood would take me to. Got to admit this, as I grow older, there are things which is beyond my control. Ahh, memory is one of them. Can’t really remember details as vividly as before without jotting them down somewhere.

Remembering how Covid-19 has turned the whole year around. Was worried that I am not able to spend time with Belle due to work but thankfully we get extra days spent together as a family due to “Movement Control Order”. Spending days at home, I am both productive and lazy at the same time. Productive because I get to come up with more contents. Lazy because we don’t have to dress up. Staying home is one of my best moment. Yes, I was devastated too because this whole thing has wreck my plan to go overseas. We were supposed to spend my birthday in Shang Hai Disneyland but unfortunately, the whole world is not allowed to travel freely like before. My whole 2020 is about creating my own dose of Disney Magic at home and be thankful that I have a family who supported me along the way. Somewhere in the middle of the year, my career took a U-turn and things are never the same again (I don’t want to elaborate too much on this).

Spending my FIRST ever Mother’s Day at home with a dose of magic. It turns out to be great! Baked our own cake and as well as decorated our own island bar. I am missing little Belle Bun. She is growing up too fast and I kept telling her not to. Perks of being a mother, we are contradicting at times. As in, I want my child to grow up faster so that I can have an easier life, but when she does, I don’t want her to grow up.

May is also my month because my birthday falls in it. Yes you heard this many times. Still, you are going to hear it again. Initially, I thought I will be celebrating my Big 30 in Disneyland but our flights got cancelled. Who else in the World would go traveling during this point of time right? Mad crazy. Massive gratitude goes to my family and friends for making my Big 30 a memorable one. We went to my favorite Disney Café for brunch. At night, we celebrate it at our self created Disneyland where I received three birthday cakes from three different individuals. Thankful for family and friends who get together to fulfil my silly dreams.

Loved being 30

Entering June, we got busier as Belle is turning ONE soon! Woohoo! We only have one theme which is obviously Disney. I guess the word Disney is quite broad. Next time, I should just select a theme like Mickey and friends, or Disney Princesses’. Poor friends. They thought they have to bring the whole castle alive. We had fun though celebrating this God given little human. We love our Little Belle Bun very much. This one year had been full of joys. Wish I could capture every beautiful moments to fill up our #msnviolabookoflife

We had a blast celebrating Belle. Arranged a nice photo shooting session for her to remember this little milestone. Come to think of it, people always mocked that I won’t do the same if I have the second baby. Will I still do the same? Yes. I think I still will.

In July, we celebrated Momsy’s birthday. So fast right? I was still doing confinement last year during her birthday. Now, Belle is already one year old.

Becoming cheekier too

After that, my life is basically all about #disneymagicmoments and work. Nothing special in working life as it is almost like a repetitive routine. Not enjoying what I am doing but giving in to fate because I basically don’t have a choice. This year has taught me a lot in terms of looking at things in a different manner. As I learn to accept and find peace within myself, the clock would tick faster for me. Thankful for the opportunity given to do live.

As we enter to the final quarter of year 2020, life gets even more colorful. Kicking start with my Disney DIY Projects has been nothing but fun. Didn’t know that things as simple as this would bring out so much meaning. I started off by creating our Mickey Pumpkin outfits. Then evolve into Winnie The Pooh, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and etc. There are more coming up. Since nothing in Malaysia felt like Disneyland, I just have to localize it into what fits us best. Here are some pictures from our Disney Bounding. Do enjoy them.

As I sat here reminiscing all our good times, we only have a few more hours to go before we welcome year 2021. My resolutions for 2021 is to focus more on my own growth and self enhancement. My ultimate dream is still setting foot on Disneyland! Dreams will come true if I keep on believing.

Wishing you guys a very Happy New Year. May you be in the pink of health! Peace and joy be with you wherever you go!

Will update a detailed piece on that when I am in the right mood. Ha Ha.

Good bye 2020!


Hello 2021!

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