“Spices of Nusantara” Buffet Dinner only at Legoland Resorts Malaysia

A theme park girl like me is thrilled when I got invited to review the buffet dinner at Legoland Malaysia Resort. It has been too long since I am near to a place so happy. With the promotion of “FREE” SEA LIFE Aquarium entry, it makes even more sense to start planning for your family outing. This is like killing two birds with one stone. Your kids will definitely enjoy this.

“Spices of Nusantara” is the theme for this year’s Ramadan Buffet Dinner. In conjunction to the upcoming Raya’s Celebration, you can now indulge in over 200 “Spices of Nusantara” dishes while being in awe of the amazing Lego setting.

Colorful settings at Bricks Family Restaurant

I would be lying if I said I am not eyeing the desserts. Friends who knew me would know I am very particular with the choices of selections for desserts. You can be assured that their desserts corner is located right in the middle of the restaurant. Both eye catching and mouthwatering. The choices of selections vary from western to local. If you enjoy local sweet tooth, we have selections like Kuih Kochi, Kuih Seri Muka, Kuih Lapis, and the likes. Cake lovers will be satisfied with the many familiar choices you can select from. Oh, there are decent ice cream flavors for kids to select too! Not forgetting our all-time favorite Chendol.

Desserts Corner
Belle and her Kuih Dodol

Whilst you are enjoying the colorful settings and delicious food, did I also tell you that in order to abide the current SOP and to allow visitors to eat in peace, Legoland go extra miles with their services. Not only can you spot the “Mask On” signs everywhere (With Lego Settings) but there will be a staff stations at each food counter, waiting to serve you. This not only brought assurance to visitors but can also ensure hygiene’s and cleanliness. You just need to let the staff knows what you want, they will help you with your servings. 

Please wear your mask
Staff helping you to pick up your food

Moving on to main courses, you are in for a treat. For they provides a wide range of selections from both local and international. Me? I gobbled up a huge serving of Bolognese and white sauce pasta. Belle loves it very much. My husband was delighted to see fresh sea prawns and seafood. There is also a barbeque corner where they have roasted mutton too. Our family and friends always said both of us are poor eaters that we can’t eat much. Indeed that’s true. We are extremely satisfied with the extra servings we get to savor.

Our food. Let’s savor on them together
Friendly staffs who helped to roast the mutton at the Barbeque Corner
Belle loving the pasta as much as I do

Since we are near to Raya’s festival, you can’t missed out special performance by in-house staffs. We can to enjoy a full 10 minutes of traditional folk dancing that blends in well with familiar Raya songs. You will also welcome the Lego Mascot that will make all kids shriek in excitement. Be sure to grab this opportunity to wave to him or ask for a picture. Since Belle is terrified of the mascot, so Mama has the opportunity to take a solo picture with the Lego Mascot. How wonderful!

Mama and the Lego Mascot

As we are coming to the end of my review, I am saving the best for the last! From now till 12th May 2021, you will be able to enjoy a special package of Buffet Dinner plus a FREE entrance to Sea Life only at an attractive pricing of RM128. Isn’t this an amazing deal? Dinner hours will be from 6pm to 10pm. Sea Live is operating from Sundays to Thursdays 4pm to 6pm only. Come and discover and be enthralled with over 13,000 sea creatures. This is a bonus for you before you enjoy “Spices of Nusantara”. I am definitely planning for another visit to Legoland!

Check out the official posters below from Legoland if you want to know more about the pricing and details:-

If you are going with a large family, this is an ideal promotion for you. Not only will you get a free entry to Sea Life but you also get to enjoy more than 200 spices of Nusantara where it is combined with a mixture of both local and international delights.

For Adults (13 & above), the price for one ticket is RM128.

For Child (6 to 12 years old), the price for one ticket is RM65.

For Senior (60 & above), the price for one ticket is RM65.

Annual Pass Holder will be entitled a 20% off the current pricing.

If you buy 10 tickets, you will get 2 FREE tickets.

You may contact +607-5978888 or email admin.fnbhotel@legoland.my for more enquiries.

Visit https://www.legoland.com.my/ for more details.

Start planning for your family outing now! Great deals don’t come often. Don’t missed out!

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