“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth” – Pamela K. Wiggins

Why breastfeeding? It is the best gift that one mother could offer to her child.

I gave birth to my firstborn in 2019 and breastfed her till mid of June 2021 when I found out I was pregnant with Astrid, my second child. Never knew I could go back to breastfeeding again due to all inconveniences (especially for a working mother like me). However, if I were given a choice, I would still do the same thing. Back to breastfeeding journey is also an indication that people around you will start giving you comments like:-

“Don’t be crazy Viola! You don’t have the will to continue”

“It is going to be really tiring and time consuming”

“Come on, milk powder has all its nutrients”

“You will lose all your calcium and blood”

All these comments are not going to stop me from breastfeeding because I witness my firstborn’s health with my own eyes. Her immune system is better than most of the kids around her age. We are nearing the fourth month of breastfeeding with my second child. Even though my supplies dropped a lot due to inconsistency and busy work schedule, I am still thankful that Astrid is still an exclusive breastfeeding baby. You need to have a strong willpower to continue to this journey. Keep challenging yourself. This is what I do. Never give up.

“Stay Strong, Stay Positive, and Never Give Up” – Roy T. Bennett

You are promoted to a Mama the minute you got pregnant. Remembering the time when I was a first timer, I always ended up buying things that I do not need. The best justice you can do to yourself is to just let things flow and learn along the way. No idea how I could continue this journey if it weren’t because I found a few good buddies who accompanied me in this lovely journey. One of them is definitely Mamaway Malaysia.


Mamaway Antibacterial Seamless Bra

I was given an opportunity to try out their “New & Improved Antibacterial Seamless Bra”. Hands down I am already in love with it. Let me briefly introduce you the concept of this Antibacterial Seamless Bra. The bra is generally light and smaller in visual. This round, Mamaway introduce the Meryl® Skinlife antibacterial seamless bra this round which is an improvised version of seamless bra. Meryl® Skinlife is a natural antibacterial property added into the bra to prevent mouldiness. Meryl® fibre is added into the entire cup and pads for extra stretch and absorption, which makes it more breathable. We all know that breastmilk is precious and rich in nutrients. Therefore, this is one of my main concerns when it comes to selecting the right nursing bra. This bra also comes with a deeper cup and better structure design. Another reason why I love this bra is the sewn-in soft pads. It helps to maintain an attractive bust line without going big on the outlook. The price is at RM219.90. You could get one free if you purchase two at one go. Suitable for pregnant ladies, postnatal mommies and breastfeeding mommies.

Coming to the details of this Antibacterial Seamless Bra, thisclassic nursing bra comes in several colors and sizes from 32 to 42 US/UK size. The available colors are black, nude, dusty pink and dusty purple. I am wearing size 32 (S), dusty pink. Surprisingly, it fits me perfectly. Mamaway’s nursing bra goes well with any clothing’s as it is virtually invisible under clothing plus it provides comfort all day long.

The best tip to prolong your breastfeeding journey is “Making your life less hassles”. Keep everything as simple and easy as possible. You’ll be surprise to know breastfeeding is not as troublesome as you presumed. Mamaway has helped me a lot because I can now still dress up despite having to express and breastfeed my baby.

What do I love about Mamaway Antibacterial Seamless Bra? Being a happy user, I have discover several plus points which I gladly want to share to every breastfeeding Mamas. Here are some of the details and features that I personally approved of.

One hand clip

One Hand Nursing Clip

Both my daughters are milk monsters. This brought me so much annoyance because it is so troublesome to undress whatever you are wearing, then unhook your bra. It took me more time to get dress again just to have a baby wailing and requesting to latch again. Any Mamas out here can relate to this? As a full-time working Mama, I must find time to express milk whenever my baby is not with me. Therefore, I truly appreciate the “One Hand Nursing Clip” designed by Mamaway. The Lycra® Nursing Strap is high-elastic and durable.  My goodness, it is so convenient that I could just drop it with one single hand on either side. There is no need to unhook the whole bra. Moreover, it is time saving and convenient for a hassle-phobia person like me. I can now latch and express on the go, with just a single hand.

U-Shaped Back Hook & Eye-Closure

Mamaway Antibacterial Seamless Bra comes in four rows and three buttons where you can adjust it according to your own comfort level. The strap is adjustable too. As your body changes, you may adjust the strap accordingly. Non-clip straps are reinforced for total support and comfort. The U-Shaped Back Hook makes the bra seems modern and natural.

Expandable Cup & Stretchy Band

Most wired bras can only fit in to one size. If we put on weights or go out of shapes, we might have to purchase new bras. One thing I like about this seamless bra is its expandable cup and stretchy band. It not only provides great structural support, but it could also go up to 2 to 3 cups for fluctuating breast sizes.

The heightening elastic under band also fully covers the cup and fits the shape accordingly

Sew-in Paddings

Patented antibacterial sew-in paddings make everything convenient for a hassle-free user like me. Most nursing bras come with removeable foam cups that needed to be replaced from time to time. However, now knowing that Meryl® Skinlife antibacterial are added into the bra to prevent mouldiness, I can now wear it with a peace in mind knowing that my breastmilk is preserved well.

Above are some of the points that I shared from my own point of views as a happy user. Some users might experience it differently. Not to say that only breastfeeding Mamas can use this type of nursing bra. I do believe I will continue to use this seamless bra even when I decided to stop breastfeeding one day.

Here are some washing recommendations: –

First, you are encouraged to use hand washing to prolong the life span. Reshape the moulded cups when it is damp to ensure its shape. If you do want to wash it in the machine, do not forget to put them in the laundry bag.

Second, hang up to dry. Do not dry it under hot sun.

Third, lay flat for easy storage.

Mamaway Instant Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

Another item that is essential for every breastfeeding mama would be the nursing pads. For someone who has an unpredictable working schedule, this comes in handy for me. There are times when I forgot to put them on and had to work for long hours, I couldn’t prevent leaking from happening. I am not a big fan when it comes to putting on nursing pads because of its thick texture and making my bra seems abnormally thick and unnatural. However, Mamaway’s nursing pad is different because it is thin and light.

Mamaway Instant Disposable Nursing Pads come with a sealed packaging where hygiene is preserved and for better quality. Instant Dry Disposable Nursing pads are ultra-thin and super absorbent for quick drying. Each pad is individually wrapped and is disposable for maxim hygiene. Leak guard protection is designed for long lasting comfort. I would always change my pads after every two to three hours for hygiene purpose.

Here are the six features of Mamaway Instant Dry Disposable Nursing Pads:-

Extra soft skin touch – made of fluff pulp which is soft and breathable

High absorbent level where it keeps you dry and comfy

Absorbent Core for instant drying – Excellent absorbent for leakage protection

Leakguard Protection – Keep wetness away for 24/7

PE Back Sheet and Double-Sided Tape – Ensures lasting stickiness and keep them in place

Individually Wrapped – Each pad is individually wrapped for maxim hygiene.

The pricing for Mamaway Instant Dry Disposable Nursing Pads is selling at RM65.90 per pack.

Mamaway is a great advisor when it comes to pregnancy and post pregnancy. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, it is time to check them out. You can now leap into Motherhood with great confidence knowing that Mamaway has got you covered.

I hope this piece of blog post benefits you and helps you a little in your preparation as you welcome motherhood. If you like what I have just shared, feel free to check out for more details.

Check out using my code: MAMABLOG-VIOLA to enjoy RM15 off for every purchase over RM150.

Thank you for reading this. Have a magical day!

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