Viola is a person who likes to imagine and letting her thoughts run free. She lives according to her two hashtags #bereal and #blessed. Viola loves life and living in the moment. She likes to blog and write things down in her diary as she believes magic comes out of writing. You’ll never know how your words can connect people together.

Viola is given many opportunities to be on stage. Her experience varies from being a host, all the way to singing voice over for a musical and performing for a musical. She loves art and therefore, loves to model for photo shootings. Being a mother of one, she is delighted to have a Baby Girl, Belle. Thus, giving her more reasons to create a “Disney Family” of her own. She embraces that little girl living in her. One of her biggest dream is to travel to every Disneyland in the World.

Viola loves traveling. Now that “Family” is the priority for her, she can no longer travel alone but taking things slow. She loves meeting people and talking to people. Her goal is to inspires and bringing the best out of people.

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