“Spices of Nusantara” Buffet Dinner only at Legoland Resorts Malaysia

A theme park girl like me is thrilled when I got invited to review the buffet dinner at Legoland Malaysia Resort. It has been too long since I am near to a place so happy. With the promotion of “FREE” SEA LIFE Aquarium entry, it makes even more sense to start planning for your family… Continue reading “Spices of Nusantara” Buffet Dinner only at Legoland Resorts Malaysia

A Tribute to the Sugar Daddy, Albert Lim

1st January 2021 What greeted me on Facebook was your obituary. My heart was beating real fast. I asked myself if it is true. Is this a prank? There were many thoughts flying in my head. I dare not cry because I was at work. All I did for the remaining day was to refresh… Continue reading A Tribute to the Sugar Daddy, Albert Lim

Flounder, don’t be such a Guppy!

Hello Dearies, Some time ago, I uploaded a series of our family photos inspired by "The Little Mermaid". As you know, I am a Disney nerd and everything that has to do with Disney would make me go OOOOOOHHHHH. Have you seen my recent creation of Flounder from The Little Mermaid? If you don't know… Continue reading Flounder, don’t be such a Guppy!

Ho Ho Ho into the jolly season

Hi Dearies, We are entering the last week of November 2020. December 2020 is coming real soon. Since I am already in the festive mood, guess the excitement surpasses all the lamenting of how year 2020 should be. Thanksgiving is arriving real soon. As an Asian, we don't usually celebrate Christmas the traditional way. Sure… Continue reading Ho Ho Ho into the jolly season

Disney Halloween – Making it spookier

Hey dearies, Happy Belated Halloween to all my folks here! Drafted this post on the 30th October and up till now, I am not done with it yet. If you know me, I don't usually celebrate Halloween as a duo because I am afraid of anything spooky. As we aged, I realized I am not… Continue reading Disney Halloween – Making it spookier

Mamaway – My parenting buddy

Hi Mamas, What features would you take note on when you are selecting suitable pillows for your little ones? I was ignorant when it comes to this part. While I was pregnant and prepping, I would only go for those that are pleasing to my eyes. Shapes, types and designs would became my main considerations.… Continue reading Mamaway – My parenting buddy