Mother’s Day and life as of now (currently)

Hello dearies, How have you been? The month of May is always special to me because my birthday falls on this month. Now that I have been promoted to a Mama, I get to celebrate Mother's Day every year (Apalah...I celebrate Mother's Day with my own Mother every year also). I noticed that I have… Continue reading Mother’s Day and life as of now (currently)

Movement Control Order Round 3

Hello dearies, Today marks the day we enter "Movement Control Order" Round 4. This period has been a bliss to me even though I wish the World would be free from this horrible virus soon. Watching people lamenting daily on their social media and acting "as-if-they-really-care" by following up with the daily updates regarding the… Continue reading Movement Control Order Round 3

Motherhood (My thoughts)

Hello dearies, As I pen down some thoughts on Vpowermommy's Facebook Page this morning, my thoughts just flow and I have so much to write about this topic. I didn't want to just update this on Facebook only as it might ended up like Friendster (meaning everything would be disappear along with it). So I… Continue reading Motherhood (My thoughts)

Belle’s 9th month

Hello dearies, I am back to update about Belle's 9th month progress. 5 more days till Belle turns 10th month. Time flies. Movement Control Order really doesn't mean anything to Mommies as everyday we are battling with time. I wish I have 48 hours a day instead of just 24. Here goes my babbling session!… Continue reading Belle’s 9th month

Movement Control Order Round 2

Hello Dearies, In the midst of drafting out Belle's 9th months progress, I thought I better not forget our "Movement Control Order" Round 2. Another 2 weeks has passed. How are you guys? What are you up to? To be frank, and with all sincerity, I am thankful to be able to stay home. Actually,… Continue reading Movement Control Order Round 2

VERYMOM Korea – Make all rashes disappear

Hello Dearies, This is my very first post on "Baby Product" review and I am just as excited as you are. I always wanted to write more posts on products. Well, I guess I should do more posts like this to benefit mommies-to-be or mommies who are looking for reliable reviews. Just a quick note… Continue reading VERYMOM Korea – Make all rashes disappear

Movement Control Order Round 1

Hey Dearies, First thing first, you really have to click here to read about my story. Thank you Blogger Magazine for giving me an opportunity to be featured and to share about my blogging journey. I hope this inspires you to start blogging. Never in my life have I imagined our country, Malaysia would go… Continue reading Movement Control Order Round 1