Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme

Hello dearies, Today, I will take you on a stroll down my memory lane where we conducted "Be Our Guest". A Disney Geek like me will find ways to insert the elements of Disney in my humble life (sorry but not sorry). This post were supposed to be written two years back but I leave… Continue reading Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme

Hello October 2020!

Hello lovelies, Just thought I would pop by for a quick update as I really needed to do something to keep my mind off "things". October didn't started off well because our little pumpkin pie is ill. She has always been a healthy baby. This is the first time she is down with high fever… Continue reading Hello October 2020!

Shapee – My Breastfeeding Buddy

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth” - Pamela K. Wiggins Maternity Shoot Two lines shown on the pregnancy test kit sent a chill down our spins. It is confirmed! We found out that we were pregnant with Belle back in October 2018. What’s next? Can’t contain the excitements in… Continue reading Shapee – My Breastfeeding Buddy

Unlocking the shopping desires in you – Only at PG Mall

HELLO! Calling out to all shopaholics, Mamas, Papas, Aunties, Uncles and friends. Whether or not you prefer online shopping or physical shopping, as long as you enjoy shopping and needed to shop for a reason, I have great news for you! Imagine yourself carrying bags and bags of your purchased items. You feel contented with… Continue reading Unlocking the shopping desires in you – Only at PG Mall

Only 30, where life begins…

Hello dearies, This post will be classified under "Dear, My Heart" because I have so much to pour out. It has been 3 months since I kick start with my third series journey. The past three months hadn’t been easy. I know I said this a lot but this is exactly how I feel at… Continue reading Only 30, where life begins…

Belle’s 11th and 12th month

Hello dearies, June 2020 has been a life changing month for me. 10 days till July 2020 officially ended. I have to adapt to a new job scope and new team. Yes, I know some of you might think this is nothing new to me because I have done it before but mentally wise, it… Continue reading Belle’s 11th and 12th month

Mother’s Day and life as of now (currently)

Hello dearies, How have you been? The month of May is always special to me because my birthday falls on this month. Now that I have been promoted to a Mama, I get to celebrate Mother's Day every year (Apalah...I celebrate Mother's Day with my own Mother every year also). I noticed that I have… Continue reading Mother’s Day and life as of now (currently)