Good bye 2020

Hello dearies, Time flies isn't it? It feels just like yesterday when the three of us took a family portrait to welcome year 2020. I can't believe this would be my last blog post for year 2020. Unexpectedly strange. No doubts this has got to be one of the strangest year but also full of… Continue reading Good bye 2020

Mother’s Day and life as of now (currently)

Hello dearies, How have you been? The month of May is always special to me because my birthday falls on this month. Now that I have been promoted to a Mama, I get to celebrate Mother's Day every year (Apalah...I celebrate Mother's Day with my own Mother every year also). I noticed that I have… Continue reading Mother’s Day and life as of now (currently)

Movement Control Order Round 3

Hello dearies, Today marks the day we enter "Movement Control Order" Round 4. This period has been a bliss to me even though I wish the World would be free from this horrible virus soon. Watching people lamenting daily on their social media and acting "as-if-they-really-care" by following up with the daily updates regarding the… Continue reading Movement Control Order Round 3